Not really a slumber party

On last Friday (5th February) me and my best friend wondervonnie finally realized an “overnight stay” at my place, which we had planned for a long time ago. I wouldn’t call it slumber party, because it was quite far from that and I imagine my real slumber party to be cool and awesome. By this I don’t want to criticize this not-really-slumber-party, because I did enjoy it a lot. Continue reading “Not really a slumber party”

Tiki Death Punch

Tiki Death Punch is an alcoholic beverage, which you may have seen in Friends series (episode 4 of season 1 “The One With George Stephanopoulos”). It’s easy to prepare and the ingredients are at reasonable price. However, I’ve read that there is no specific recipe for this beverage and it was made up just for the sake of Friends. When you search for “Tiki Death Punch”, you’ll find many customised recipes made by fans.

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