I love lipsticks. | Lipstick Review

I am sooo excited about lipsticks lately. I own quite many of them. (I don’t know if 13 is “many” for you, but it is for me. However, I am planning to reach 20. :P) My favourite makeup brand in terms of lipsticks is Rimmel London. They sell many beautiful colours in various shades and their prices are reasonable.
I decided to create a list of lipsticks I own and write short reviews. All the lipstick I have are quite cheap (or at least at reasonable prices), because I just can’t afford expensive makeup.
So, I hope it will help someone. This is the list of my lipstick collection:

Note: Prices are approximate!

The Only 1, shade 700 by Rimmel London

Naughty Nude

Name: Naughty Nude
Rating: 10/10
This lipstick is from new collection of Rimmel London called The Only 1. I went to a drugstore so as to have a look at this collection and maybe try on some shades. I walked out with Naughty Nude. I just fell in love with it. I’ve been looking for a nude shade, which would actually suit me, for so long. And now I found it. When you put it on it has kind of nude brownish and pinkish colour.


Spring Collection, shade 20 by Kate Moss (Rimmel London)

Shade 20

Rating: 8/10
My friend persuaded me to buy this one. Its colour is bold pink in matt. I think it’s perfect for spring or summer. I wore it only couple of times yet, but I think it’s very nice. This colour is probably not for everyone, though.


Lasting Finish, shade 058 by Rimmel London

Drop of Sherry

Name: Drop of Sherry
Price: £4.99
Rating: 9/10
Colour of Drop of Sherry is shimmery light red, maybe with a slight touch of pink. Nothing too distinctive. It smells kind of like cherries. I hate cherries, so it’s not very appealing smell for me, but most people like it. :)


Lasting Finish, shade 164 by Rimmel London


Name: Tantrum
Price: £4.99
Rating: 9/10
Bright red matt lipstick is total must have. You will have to renew after some time, because it easily smudges (especially the edges of your lips) and that’s probably the only disadvantage.


Lasting Finish, shade 01 by Kate Moss (Rimmel London)

Shade 01

Price: £5.49
Rating: 10/10
This is one of my favourite lipsticks. Its colour is red, but not as bright as Tantrum red. It’s actually a bit darker and that makes it perfectly suitable for fall. I love it so much.


“Keep calm” collection by Rimmel London

Keep Calm and Play

Name: Keep Calm and Play
Price: £2.99
Rating: 10/10
This is not a lipstick, but it’s so amazing I had to put it on the list. Keep Calm and Play is a lip balm with red tone. After putting this on all you can do is “Mmhmm…”, smell strawberries and enjoy the softness of your lips.


Baby Lips by Maybelline New York

Pink Punch

Name: Pink Punch
Price: £2.99
Rating: 6/10
Again, not a lipstick, but a lip balm. I don’t wear this so much, because of the baby pink tone. This colour just doesn’t go well with my skin tone and lips. Smells good, though. I might want to try another colour, though. :)


Colour Sensational, shade 540 by Maybelline New York

Hollywood Red

Name: Hollywood Red
Price: £6.99
Rating: 10/10
Hollywood Red is beautiful. The colour is red, but in the shade of berries, I’d say. But that SMELL! It smells like candy floss! I would probably buy this just for the smell.


Ultimate Stay, shade 070 by Catrice

Plum & Base

Name: Plum & Base
Price: didn’t find official UK price, but it might be around £5
Rating: 9/10
Plum & Base has nice purple colour. I wear it all the time in autumn. The only disadvantage is that it makes my lips dry in contrast to other lipsticks. This can be worked out easily by putting on transparent lip balm.


Amazing Lipstick by Makeup Revolution


Name: Luscious
Price: £1.6
Rating: 8/10
Luscious is nice orange colour perfect for summer. Also the only orange lipstick which suits me. However, it has a bit low pigmentation, so you’ll have to put bigger layer on your lips.


Longlasting lipstick, shade 04 by Essence

On the Catwalk!

Name: On the Catwalk!
Price: £2.3
Rating: 8/10
I can’t really specify the colour, because it appears like many different shades mixed together. I would say it’s close to burgundy red in matt. It lasts quite long, but it’s not as pigmented as Rimmel or Maybelline lipsticks.


Perfect Colour Shine, shade 214 by Miss Sporty

Brownish Quartz

Name: Brownish Quartz
Price: £2.59
Rating: 7/10
Brownish Quartz shade is sort of shimmery brown. I use it on days, when I don’t want to have bright coloured lips, but still want to wear something. It’s light and it adds your lips healthy look.

Besides these I have couple of others which I didn’t put on the list, because I don’t use them. Good example is High Red by Miss Sporty (shade 59) – it’s the same colour as Tantrum, but worse quality. I also like Tantrum better. Another one is Love me by Miss Sporty (024), which I use quite often, but it can’t be bought, because they stopped selling it. It’s pretty much the same like Brownish Quartz, but in lighter brown colour.
Here are pictures of how the colours look on my skin:

Lips 01
From the left: Naughty Nude, 20 by Kate Moss, Drop of Sherry, Tantrum, 01 by Kate Moss, Keep Calm and Play
Lips 02
From the left: Baby Lips, Hollywood Red, Plum and Base, Luscious, On the Catwalk!, Brownish Quartz

Let me know if you have some of these. You can also recommend me some of your favourite lipsticks. :)


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