The Egg and I | Review

Title: The Egg and I
Author: Betty MacDonald
Year of release: 1945
Genre: humorous memoir

My rating: 10/10

I adore this book so much.RO60065818
Although it’s about Betty’s life on the farm, the beginning of the book itself introduces us to Betty’s family and childhood. I don’t want to spoil anything, so I’m just gonna say she marries a guy named Bob and they move to the beautiful countryside of mountains so as to establish their own chicken farm. Betty gets to know their neighbours and fulfils her duties as a farmer.

The book is seperated to parts and these are separated to chapters. However, Betty’s life on their farm is not narrated in chronological order. Each chapter discribes events and experience of one topic. To give you example, main topic of one chapter is her cooker, which is more of a disaster than anything else. In this chapter she shares with the reader funny happenings and troubles she had to face using this crap.
Even though it isn’t full story with a beginning and an end, I enjoyed reading it so much. Actually, I found it very useful, because I never got lost in story.

I love the main character. Betty wrote herself so good (haha) – she’s funny, sarcastic, clumsy, but also gentle and friendly. I felt for her so much during the whole book.
The other characters are also built really well. There are not many, so you can remember all of them easily. My favourite one is Ma Kettle.

I’ve read lots of reviews, in which people said the book wasn’t funny and they didn’t laugh a single time. I get it. This type of humour isn’t for anybody. But hey, why don’t you form your own opinion? :)


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