What’s in my makeup bag | Makeup Review

When I was younger, I wasn‘t interested in makeup whatsoever. I was rather boy-like girl – All I ever put on was a pair of jeans and any of my boring T-shirts, makeup was a waste of time, skirts and tights were something unacceptable for me and all love stories were lies. As I was slowly growing up, I abandoned some of these „rules“. I started using concealer (because puberty – spots and pimples all over my face), later even mascara. Then I started using face powder, eyeshadows, and so on and so on. And now I’m here, with makeup bag full of goodies.

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Going home | Luže, Czech Republic – Day 3/3

It was raining ever since the morning today. We would stay a little longer, but because of the weather we packed our things and set off. It’s a shame, I’m going to miss that place. I hope of having the time next summer so that I could take part in Heroes V here, in Luže.

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Visiting Nové Hrady Chateau | Luže, Czech Republic – Day 2/3

Yesterday was 30°C, but today’s temperature lowered to 17°C with rain. The journey we planned for today was from our cottage to Polanka cottage to have a lunch there and then continue to Nové Hrady town, where a great chateau with beautiful gardens is located.

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