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I own 20 lipsticks! | Lipstick Review

It’s been some time since I posted my “Lipstick review” kind of a post (I love lipsticks.). I’ve been thinking about making an update on my lipstick collection, because it is surely wider than the last time. I now have 20 lipsticks in my collection!

I love shopping for lipsticks. Putting on a lipstick is (along with eyeshadow art) my favourite part of doing my makeup. Last time I mentioned my favourite lipstick brand – Rimmel London. Amazing colours, amazing packaging, amazing quality, amazing prices. Most of the reviewed lipsticks are going to be by this brand, then.

I’m looking for makeup at reasonable prices, because I know not everyone can afford that perfect quality, natural, vegan etc. makeup. These products are probably the best things you can put on your face, but also very expensive ones. That’s why I want to share my “discoveries” in terms of makeup with you guys – to let you know, which products are fine and affordable, which are not.

The prices are approximate.

Aqua shine lipstick by S-he stylezone (dm drogeriemarkt brand)

Shade 015

Shade: 015
Price: €2.95
Rating: 7/10
I wanted to start with this one, because I have used this lipstick for such a long time (I mean this shade, not the same product, haha) and it was one of my first lipsticks ever. I don’t really know why I didn’t include it to the first post, because I really like it. It’s pink shimmery colour, which appears natural and healthy. The quality isn’t the best, but this is a cheap lipsticks and I think it correspondes with the price, which is very low. However, I wear it very often, now even more, since it’s summer.


Longlasting lipstick by Essence

Natural Beauty

Shade: 07, Natural Beauty
Price: £2.3
Rating: 9/10
This is my second lipstick by the brand Essence and I must say I am pretty excited about it. It is a matt light pink colour, which adds some more innocence and cuteness to your face, I’d say. I like it very much, it is pigmented quite well and I just imagine you could wear it on a romantic date night, when you want to look all adorable and natural.


Lasting Finish Colour Rush Balm by Rimmel London

On Fire

Shade: 600, On Fire
Price: £5.99
Rating: 9/10
This is an interesting one. It’s supposed to be lip balm, but it has full colour as well. It’s just great: your lips won’t go dry, because that’s the purpose of this product . Offered shades are so pretty and it’s also well pigmented. It’s quite hard to take it off, so it’s a bad idea to wear this if you know you want to try on some shades in a drugstore or so. On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about eating or drinking (or kissing, hihi) carefully, because it just won’t come off. The only thing I am a bit worried about is my shade, because it’s very bright red-pink-something and I haven’t decided yet if it suits me. But I plan to wear it often, because it’s summer, in order to get used to it and make up my mind.


Lasting Finish lipstick by Rimmel London

Birthday Suite

Shade: 250, Birthday Suit
Price: £4.99
Rating: 10/10
This lipstick is a very interesting colour – kind of goldish-orangish-light brownish shade. It’s very pretty and it’s got quite shimmer in it. I’d say you can wear it for all the seasons of the year. It’s Rimmel, so it’s pigmented very well and it lasts.


Moisture Renew lipstick by Rimmel London

Notting Hill Nude

Shade: 720, Notting Hill Nude
Price: £6.49
Rating: 10/10
In previous lipstick post I said I’ve found perfect nude shade for me (700, Naughty Nude from collection The Only 1 by Rimmel London). Well, I didn’t have THIS one then. The advantage of Notting Hill Nude is its “nudeness”. While Naughty Nude is rather pinkish nude, this one is nude nude. I love it so much. I find it also quite moisturizing, so my lips are very thankful every time I put it on. I highly reccomend this one.


Moisture Renew lipstick by Rimmel London

Vintage Pink

Shade: 180, Vintage Pink
Price: £6.49
Rating: 10/10
Vintage Pink is from the same collection as Notting Hill Nude. It nicely moisturizes your lips and it lasts very long time before it smudges or fade. Its colour is pink with a bit of purple in it. I think when you imagine “vintage pink” colour, you’ll get right this one for sure. It’s very pretty, I love it. It’s very cute, but a little dark as well. I find it a bit glossy, so if you’re looking for a full matt, don’t go near this. I just love it so much, though.


Lasting Finish lipstick by Kate Moss (Rimmel London)

Shade 05

Shade: 05
Price: £5.49
Rating: 10/10
I bought this one last Thursday. I needed to buy new foundation and concealer, because these two things just almost ran out; but I left the drugstore with two more lipstick to my collection (the other one is right below ↓). It was on a discount shelf and these products you are not able to try on, but I looked at it and I thought it was a really nice pinkish-a little bit of red shade, which might suit me well. I bought it and tried right away. It is gorgeous. Like I said, it’s beautiful pinkish shade with a little bit of red in it, and the whole thing just makes nice berry tone. It’s matt (maybe a tiny bit glossy) and I’d say it’s that kind of lipstick you just wear every day, because it’s not too harsh and also quite noticeable.


Lasting Finish Matte lipstick by Kate Moss (Rimmel London)

Shade 107

Shade: 107
Price: £5.49
Rating: 10/10
I’ve been looking at this lipstick in our local drugstore for a year or so. But I didn’t buy it, because I “needed” other shades in that time, like “it’s autumn, I better buy some autumn shades” or “I’d like a pink shade” or “I don’t have any proper nude lipstick” and so on and so on. But last Thursday I finally bought it (and I probably wouldn’t again if it wasn’t 25 % off).
I found out about this one thanks to Zoella (Zoe Sugg; her youtube channelher website). She is so nice and beautiful and she knows a lot about makeup and beauty. Shade 107 by Kate Moss is one of her most favourite lipsticks and it looks SO good on her. It’s quite dark matt red tone. I tried it yesterday and I love it so much.

Here is a picture of my arm and all the reviewed lipsticks. Now I realize 015 by S-he and Natural Beauty by Essence look almost the same in this picture, but they deffinitely do not in real life. 015 is less pigmented, than Natural Beauty and it’s also very shimmery.

from the left: 015, Natural Beauty, On Fire, Birthday Suit, Notting Hill Nude, Vintage Pink, 05, 107

So these were all the lipstick I’ve bought since February. Please share your own opinions and ideas in the comments. I hope you like my review and I’ll see you soon with a Primark Haul post. Lots of panda love!


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One thought on “I own 20 lipsticks! | Lipstick Review”

  1. I actually got 4 of these shades as well. I love all of them (and they’re all Rimmel). I have to say Rimmel has so far been the best drugstore makeup brand I’ve tried. Most of my lipsticks are Rimmel too, haha.
    I really like the Essence lipstick though, it’s a nice shade. Perhaps I’ll buy one for myself.

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