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Hi! I’m here with Primark Haul I promised you in the last post of mine. Firstly, there won’t be much of it, because I decided to separate clothing from non-clothing things and write two different posts. So don’t you worry, there will be more. ;)

I went for this trip with my two close friends. We traveled by train to Dresden (Germany), because there is the nearest Primark. We don’t have any in Czech Republic, yet. I hope it changes, because I love it.

It was my first time at Primark (my friends have already visited it few times) and I was sooooo excited that day. We arrived there at about ten o’clock am and left in a train back home at four o’clock pm. That makes it six hours spent at Primark. I must say, though it was fun, at the end I was exhausted and wished to be in my bed. However, I really want to go back some time. :)

I bought many things (mostly clothing), but now I’m going to show you other stuff. There’s not much, but I still hope you’ll enjoy it.


beauty blender, makeup sponge

Price: €2
I wanted to try these for a long time and when I found them, I just went for them. These are beauty blenders or makeup sponges, however you want to call them. They are used for applying makeup on your face. I’ve heard you are supposed to soak them in water before using – I’ve tried both dry and wet technique and I must say, that the wet one is better. But that’s just my view, I think you can choose whatever you feel comfortable more with.

Beauty blenders, Makeup sponges

So, these sponges were in one packaging. One is bright pink colour and has a drop shape. The round end is for applying makeup and the pointed one is for concealer or for getting close to undereye area or so. The other sponge is light pink and it has some sort of snowman-like shape. I’m not sure about the difference between these two in terms of usage of the shape. I mean, what do you use the light pink one for? Why it has such an odd shape? If you know what it’s for, let me know in the comments, please, because I’m really curious about that.

Like I said, I prefer using wet sponge, but it’s up to you, whatever works better for you. However, for me the sponge is working definitely better than foundation brush. It blends your foundation nicely and it surprisingly doesn’t soak much of it in. I also put on less foundation with the same effect I achieved with the foundation brush, but using more foundation.

Cleaning is quite simple: I use a hair shampoo bath. Pour hot water in the bowl, add some shampoo or soap and let the sponge soak for some time. Then squeeze and massage it repeatedly to wash it properly. Use clean water to wash of the shampoo/soap and let it dry.

I realize I have just cheap blenders and they’re not as good quality as the original ones, but still, I recommend you to at least try this. I haven’t used my foundation brush since I’ve got these, to be honest.


Boho necklace

Price: €7
My best friend wondervonnie chose this one for me. She said „You love boho and this is boho. It’ll suit you well.“. It did. It’s made of variously coloured beads – wooden brown, orange, red, yellow, golden,…. The necklace is very extravagant and normally that would be the reason to leave it there, but it’s just so beautiful I don’t mind.

Boho necklace


makeup bag

Price: €10
Next purchased item is a large makeup bag. I didn’t have any proper makeup bag to travel with (I’d been using a small pencil case) or to store all my makeup products in and since this is pretty big and pretty, I went for it. It has one main storage area, which can be secured from the rest of the bag with seethrough cover attached with zipper. The main cover of the bag includes an area for makeup brushes and a small pocket to store for example tweezers, pencil sharpener or else. The whole bag is to be closed with a zipper and a golden clip.

I almost picked up a totally different bag, with totally different design. It was in a girly style, pastel colours etc. You can probably imagine. The reason why I didn’t pick it was its main concept. But when I saw this one, white bag with red and black stripes and the golden clip, it had me. I like that it’s made to be a suitcase, not an usual bag.

Makeup bag



Price: €3
The last thing being showcased here are these sunglasses. I don’t need to say anything, they’re just beautiful. :)


I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know in the comments if you like some of the items. Also let me know if you own makeup sponges/beauty blenders and know how to use them properly. I am no makeup pro and could use some of your advice. Next post will be a Primark lookbook, I hope you’ll like it.
Bye bye and lots of panda love!


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I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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  1. I really love those sunglasses! :)
    Btw. I tried to look up the difference between the two sponges and I didn’t really find anything useful. Sorry, haha. Guess you’ll just have to try it out and see how it works.

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