Picnic and Friends with Boyfriend

Today me and my boyfriend had a really great time having kind of a fake picnic. It was supposed to be outside, but it was quite cold and cloudy outside so we had to enjoy the food inside.
As you can see in the photo, I made some sandwiches, prepared fruit salad, cold drinks, vegetables, kiwis and olives. I planned to prepare more and I’m glad I didn’t, because even now I have leftovers.

I loved today, we were eating, chatting and watching Friends at the same time and it was just the best. :)

One-Day Family Trip | Northwest Bohemia

Hi! We were on a short family trip with my mum, dad and Bayonne the dog (lil’ sister was absent) to locations within an hour-long drive from our holiday house. We visited some nice places and I wanted to bring you the photos I took. Enjoy!

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Sparkly Summer Look | Makeup Tutorial

Hi! Summer is already here and that means my (and yours probably too) makeup routine has to change a little. The layers have to be thinner, the colours lighter.
So, this is one way how to do your makeup in summer and how I personally do it (most of the time). Draw the inspiration and get creative!

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Uni Notebooks | Stationery Haul

Hi! Yesterday I went to local shopping centre to buy some notebooks, because I’ll need to be organised at the university. I never really cared about my notebooks, what they look like and how thick or thin they are. But, since university is quite a big deal for me, I decided to buy pretty, good quality notebooks to start a new chapter of my life.

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Barbie Girl | Makeup Challenge

Hi! So, I’ve searched up some themes I could use for this challenge (50, to be specific) and I asked my boyfriend to pick a random number from this list. It was 27, in case you’re curious, and the theme Barbie Girl (as the title says).
First I was quite freaked out, because come on, Barbie? I’m brunette, short AND have green eyes. But then, when I actually was doing the makeup, I really enjoyed the way I looked. I figured out that pink goes very well with my eye colour, actually.

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