The Mother of Cities | Prague, Czech Republic

I have been to Prague several times, but never really seen it. The only reason to go there was always shopping, watching movies at the cinema etc. I have never seen Prague as a city with great culture and awesome places to visit. (I know, shame on me, never really visiting the capital of my country.) Well, guess what. This Friday I finally did.

Our universities always plan an enrolment for all of their applicants, who passed the entering exams. To be fully accepted as students of the university, they have to come to a specific place on a specific day personally and confirm they want to study there.
ČVUT, which is the name of one of our universities (in English Czech Technical University in Prague), and also the one my boyfriend wants to study at, planned the enrolment for the 1st of July, 12:30 pm. We decided to make the most out of it and planned a trip to the capital.

Our bus was leaving at 8:30 am to be in Prague at 10:10 am. Unfortunately, there were some complications because of which we had a half-an-hour delay and arrived to Florenc bus station at 10:40.
Never mind.
We took an underground to the Old Town station and then walked to the Old Town Square. Due to the delay we didn’t have much time, otherwise we would visit Wenceslas Square as well. We chose to skip that, because the other one was more interesting.

It was a sunny day that day and I was glad I decided to wear shorts and tank top, because it was eventually getting more and more hot. When we get to the Old Town Square, it must have been over 25°C already. However, we didn’t mind, because there were many beautiful things to see.

The Old Town Square

One segway guy stopped us while I was photographing an another guy making huge bubbles out of a soap water. Tons of them. Segway guy offered us a tour around Prague. (In English. That’s a common thing here – it may seem there are more foreigners than Czech people.) We had a little chat and when we politely refused his offer, he was very nice (not that kind of “buy it buy it buy it buy it I won’t leave you until you buy it” annoying person), wished us the best and drove away.

I wanted to take some photos of the Prague astronomical clock (or Prague orloj) and when we got there, we realized there was a marrying couple posing for wedding photos. They were so cute together!

There were lots of these living sculptures, or what they are called – people all covered usually in silver or gold paint, making funny noises, letting people to take photos of them and begging for money. I don’t usually approach these people, because they give me creeps. But when we finally managed to avoid them without being squeaked at, I noticed one that cought my attention immediately. It was a ballerina, all cute and wearing her adorable skirt and umbrella, all covered in gold. She didn’t talk, she didn’t squeak, she didn’t do any noises. She just smiled, pointed to a pretty cup by her feet from time to time (there she was keeping her money) and let people to take photos of and with her. She was so beautiful. (But I didn’t find the courage to approach her anyway, what a loser I am.)

After we looked around at the Old Town Square, we sat for a while by the Jan Hus Memorial and had a snack.

Then was the time to leave, find the underground entrance and get to the Můstek station, then transfer to the different trail and get to the Dejvická station, where the ČVUT is located.

the Faculty of Information Technologies, Czech Technical University in Prague

Then my boyfriend went to the building of the Faculty of Information Technologies (or FIT) for the enrolment and in the meantime I was just wondering around, taking photos and relaxing. I really enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere of that place – there was a small park right next to the building, where you could sit on a bench or even lie on the grass. Also you couldn’t hear the city noises, traffic and people etc, which I really appreciated. I had to wait for one and a half hour, but I didn’t really mind. I even took a little nap, haha.

When my boyfriend walked out of the FIT, we went for lunch. It was 2 pm and the last meal I had was breakfast at 7 in the morning. I was starving. We planned to go to the KFC instead of having a lunch in some restaurant. That’s because the restaurants in Prague are quite expensive, I’d say. At least comparing them to the restaurants here, where I live.

After lunch we decided to go to the Wallenstein Garden (in Czech Valdštejnská zahrada), which is the garden decorating a space around the Senate building.

The entrance to the Wallenstein Garden

It was gorgeous.
The entrances to single parts of the garden were situated into a small maze of bushes, which was pretty interesting, because you never knew where exactly you are going. Right when we walked through one of these entrances, we saw an albino peacock, which looked so cool. I’ve never seen a white peacock before.

Walking further, we came across this beautiful pond with four statues of Naiads and a bigger statue of Hercules fighting a dragon. There were few pretty golden fish in the water. In one of the corners of the garden we found another peacock – a beautiful male this time – and on the other side a female one as well. These two were making noises all the time – probably chatting. :D

We continued to the part where the main building of the Senate was located. There was I beautiful park with trees and flowers and a high odd looking wall. We even saw an aviary with eagle owls.
We stopped for a while by the Senate, because the weather was quite hot and we wanted to relax a bit.

With a new energy we visited the Charles Bridge, a famous bridge that was built by the king Charles IV. It crosses the Vltava river, the longest river in the Czech Republic. It is very popular with tourists, because of its historical meaning and also the stunning view it provides. It is decorated with 30 statues, but the most popular one of them is the statue of John of Nepomuk. It is said that if you touch this statue and make a wish, the wish will come true.
There are always many painters, trinket sellers, photographers and other people trying to attract tourists’ attention.

After we crossed the Charles Bridge, we were just wondering around, walking, chatting. We stopped in some large park to sit on a bench and watched a group of people playing musical instruments.

Then was the time to move to the bus station (and buy an ice cream, because yum). That was the end of our trip. Originally we planned to visit the Royal Garden (that’s a part of the Prague Castle) as well, but it was very hot and we weren’t feeling like it, which is a shame. Nevertheless, I enjoyed our trip very much and I recommend you to visit Prague some day. It’s a beautiful city. :)


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I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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