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Hi! So, I’ve been thinking what my next post will be about and since I’m lately in this girly-makeup-beauty mood, I thought it would be nice to post some makeup tutorial for you guys. And since I’m lately also liking boho style, this tutorial will be all in the boho. It’s also the look I wore in the Primark Lookbok photos (check it out here). All the products I’m using are reviewed in my previous post here. Enjoy!

My face before
My face before

1 Base

I start with moisturizing my face using the Nivea Soft cream. It’s important to moisturize your face before doing anything else – it protects your skin and gives it the moister it needs to exist normally. That means your skin doesn’t have to soak in the moister from your foundation to keep itself hydrated and THAT means you won’t end up having cakey face.
Many people are done with makeup in 15 minutes, but never really notice the importance of taking time. For example, I take one hour to do a proper makeup routine, but applying makeup is just 20 minutes out of this hour. First 15 minutes I do the moisturizing, together with face massage. Massaging your face gives you nice sense of awakeness and freshness and helps blood circulation and also reduces under eye circles. Your skin benefits a lot. Also, this is an opportunity for you to relax, even if only for 15 minutes.

Next is a primer. I apply it only on my T zone, because it’s never good to layer things on your face, because, again, otherwise you’ll end up with the horrible cakeyness. That’s why you should think of which parts of your face are the most problematic ones and consequently use primer only there. I’m using the Nivea Makeup Starter, which works both as a primer and as a face cream.

Next product I’m using is a primer as well, but this time it’s an eyeshadow primer by the brand Avon. I pick up small amount of it and blend it over my eyelids, going up to the eyebrows.

After that I let both primers dry for 10 to 15 minutes and during this time I do my hair or prepare the clothes I’m going to wear.

I’d say there’s a majority of people, who apply liquid concealer after applying foundation. I’ve tried both and realized I prefer the minority way, that means concealer first, foundation after. But I admit that the shade of my current concealer could be the reason why I like it more. Maybe when I’ll buy a lighter shade, I will reconsider it.
Anyway, the concealer I’m using is the Liquid Camouflage concealer by Catrice Cosmetics in the shade 020 Light Beige and I apply it under my eyes and on my nose, blending it with a makeup sponge.

The next step is applying a foundation. I’m using the Lasting Finish 25H foundation with comfort serum by Rimmel London in the shade 100 Ivory. I apply small amount on the back of my hand and using the same makeup sponge I’m picking up the product and blending it all over my face. Except forehead, where I use the smallest amount, because I don’t really feel like I need the foundation there.

Then I use the Mattitude Antishine face powder, the shade is 001 Ivory and really just go all over my face with my face brush.


2 Contour

When contouring you need to become aware that people have different face shapes and there is a different contouring for each of them. Here is a face chart which is very useful and it helped me to define my shape (I’m square).
Face chart

As a bronzing powder I use the Natural Bronzer by the brand Rimmel London in the shade 021 Sun Light. I’m using my kabuki brush to apply it on the jaw line and also on the forehead, near the hairline (just look at the face chart, you’ll get the idea). Then I kind of go all over my face again, but with a smaller amount of it than I used before – I don’t usually do this part, but since it’s supposed to be boho look, I need to look more tanned than I actually am (which is not at all).
Now I’m picking up my blush brush and applying the bronzer to my cheek hollows. And again, bigger amount than I would usually use.

With the same brush I’m putting on my Multi Matt Blush by Catrice Cosmetics in the shade 020 La-Lavender. I love this colour. It’s like a mixture of lavender and a berry tone. At first I thought it was too dark for my skin, but now I see it looks perfect. I dab it on my cheek apples. But be careful – when doing usual everyday look pick up only the smallest amount of the product and then add more so as not to overdo it. However, today I want to look more extravagant, so I can afford to add a little more than I would usually do.

The last contouring product is the Illuminating Palette by Dermacol. It has two parts: a bigger one, which is mild, and a small one, which is quite bright. I figured out the best usage of these two – I pick up my face powder brush, rub it in the mild part and then just go all over my face. It gives you nice glow without the unpleasant shining. Then I grab the blush brush and use the smaller part as a highlighter. That means I apply it right above the cheek bones, on the tip of my nose, on the cupid’s bow and chin and then in the middle of my forehead. It looks soo good and mmm that smell…


3 eyes and lips

Now I continue with brows. I’m using the Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit by Makeup Revolution. With eyebrow brush (which is included in the kit) I’m picking up a mixture of the shade 2 and 3. (Normally I’d use only 3, but my hair dye has faded quite a bit, so I need to use the lighter one as well.) And I’m making them a little bit messy.

And now begins the fun! (Finally, haha.) All the eyeshadows I’m using are from the Makeup Revolution Palette called Essential Shimmers. I numbered all the eyeshadows in the gallery below.

I like to apply some base eyeshadow to kind of give my eyes a healthy (and normal) colour. For this I use eyeshadow number 2 and I just blend it all over my eyelid and go even up to my eyebrows.
For the next step I’m using the Magnif’Eyes Double Ended Shadow + Liner by Rimmel London in the shade Kissed by a Rosegold and I’m rubbing the cream eyeshadow all over my eyelid.
Then I add some colour to the inner corners, using the 6.
Using my blending brush I dab the 8 on my outer corners and go to the middle a bit.
With the same brush I dab again, but this time with the colour 11 and I go only to the very out corners of my eyes and then extend it to the crease and creating an oval shape.
I’m picking up the 11 again, but this time with lining brush, and I’m applying it on my lash line, narrowing it when close to the inner corner.
Last eyeshadow step is highlighting the space right below my eyebrows. For this I use blending brush again and pick up 3 with it.

The last thing I’m doing to my eyes is applying a mascara. For that I’m using the Magnum Maximum Volume mascara by Dermacol. (nandaispanda from the future: Now I would use the Lash Sensational mascara by Maybelline NY; However, I didn’t own it at the time I was shooting for this post. Check out the review.) I’ve met some people who do only upper lashes and I did that too when I was about 15 years old. But since then I apply it both on the upper and lower ones, because I just find it more pretty now.

And last but not least I’m applying the Moisture Renew lipstick by the brand Rimmel London (my favourite) in the shade 180 Vintage Pink, because it just fits this type of look very nicely.

Final look!

So, this was the makeup tutorial. I hope you liked it and if you tried it, let me know in the comments how it went. :) See ya, my baby pandas!


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