Double Shopping Time! | Clothing Haul

Hi! This post was supposed to be Prague clothing haul, but it turned out we were shopping a short time after again and I didn’t feel like writing two different posts. Besides I bought “only” three items in Prague and other two here in my home town, which isn’t a lot for two haul posts. So, enjoy this double shopping time!

So, I was in Prague on Monday, July 4! Again!
This time it wasn’t going for royal gardens, culture and interesting places, but for shopping. (How surprising, haha.) I blame wondervonnie, because: if she weren’t so good at English, she wouldn’t win a gift card to Neoluxor (which is like a very good and large bookshop here) in value of 500 Kč (= about €18.5); and because Neoluxor can be found only in such cities as Prague or Brno, we had to go there. So, I booked tickets for the bus, planned everything and we were ready to go.

During the journey we listened to some music, which was available in a touch screen in the bus seats. We laughed a lot, because there were mostly a couple of years old songs (and sometimes they were very uncool). We sang the songs quietly and tried to be serious about it. (Impossible.) We acted like children, but it was so much fun. :)

In Prague we went to the Palladium shopping centre. We got something to eat and then headed for H&M. I like this shop very much, but again, we don’t have H&M here where I live. We walked around, quite bored. Then vonnie got a brilliant idea: Let’s choose clothing for each other! It was so much fun! She chose for me some nice pieces, but only two of them fitted and I eventually bought them:

boho cardigan

This is a boho and native american (sort of, haha) styled cardigan. However, cardigans usually fastens at the front, but this one doesn’t. (If there’s any special word for this piece of clothing, let me know.) It was at a discount for 300 Kč (our currency is Czech Crown; 300 Kč is like €11). I was so happy about it, because I have a beautiful pair of high-waisted jeans and I don’t have any jacket or something to match with it. I like wearing my denim jacket, but it’s the same colour as the jeans and it doesn’t look good. Now I have something to keep me warm and also something which I can wear with the jeans.


colourful top

The second piece I bought is this top, which was at a discount as well, for 200 Kč (€7.4). I’m not really sure what style or fashion epoch this is, but I really like it, because of these bright colours and also that it has these gaps in it. That makes it very interesting and unique. I admit that I wouldn’t normally consider even picking it up and trying it, but because vonnie chose it for me, I had to. And I’m glad I did, because hey, we need to go beyond the comfort zone, am I right?
Anyway, I’m definitely going to wear it without bra, because otherwise it would lose the amazing gappy effect.


life with a sprinkle of glitter

This isn’t a clothing item, but we went to Neoluxor, as I’ve said – this was the main reason of our trip, and I found this book (no I didn’t – vonnie found it, haha). I must admit I didn’t really watch Louise to this point. I mean, sometimes I watched a video or two. However, I really wanted her book, because I’ve heard it’s beautiful and very nice to read. And I like the concept of not having to read it from the beginning to the end. You can read whatever you want, jump from one chapter to another. The main reason I wanted it was that the book is supposed to make you feel happy and calm or even excited, but definitely it’s supposed to make you feel good emotions. I love that. And I watched many of her videos from then and I love her. She is such an amazing person. Beautiful and nice and always optimistic. I adore her so much and I recommend you to read this book. I’ve already read few chapters and it’s sooo good. :)

This is the point where the Prague shopping ends. However, we went shopping on Wednesday the same week. We were in our local shopping centre. Vonnie said there were huge discounts in New Yorker and C&A and we wanted to check it out. When we got there, we realized they enlarged both of these shops. There were discounts everywhere (not as cheap as Primark, but still) and more importantly, there were BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF CLOTHING IN MY STYLE EVERYWHERE. I picked up few things and vonnie picked up few things and we went to the fitting room. Again, I got two pieces (one from New Yorker, the other one from C&A):

native america styled dress

I wouldn’t buy it, but vonnie reminded me about my comfort zone and said it looked good on me and that she liked it. Ok, so now I have it. I got it for 399 Kč (€14.8). It’s a beautiful dress in straight cut, which normally doesn’t suit me, but this surprisingly does. The style is kind of native american. The thing I like about it is the fabric. It’s suede leather (fake, of course) and my god, it’s soo soft. I love it.


denim high-waisted skirt

The last piece showcased here is this skirt, which I bought in C&A. It cost me 350 Kč (€13). (And again, it was at a discount – I don’t usually shop full priced items. It’s worth it to wait a little and then buy it for less.)
Anyway, it’s a light blue denim high-waisted skirt, which fastens at the front all the way up with these metal buttons. I often have troubles with finding high-waisted jeans/shorts/skirts which fit me, because I have a big bum, but flat belly. That’s why they fit on my bum, but they protrude from my back. However, this denim skirt, surprisingly, fits everywhere.

Here are galleries of me wearing the pieces I bought:

boho cardigan


colourful top


native america styled dress


denim high-waisted skirt

So, this is the end! I’d like to thank my lil’ sister for taking the photos of me. ;) I hope you liked what you read. Let me know in the comments, which piece is you favourite. Bye bye and see you soon, pandelinos!


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