Sparkly Summer Look | Makeup Tutorial

Hi! Summer is already here and that means my (and yours probably too) makeup routine has to change a little. The layers have to be thinner, the colours lighter.
So, this is one way how to do your makeup in summer and how I personally do it (most of the time). Draw the inspiration and get creative!

Products I used for this look:

Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer (020 Light Beige) – Catrice Cosmetics, €4
BB Cream (Light) – Rimmel London, €8.4
Mattitude Anti Shine Pressed Powder (001 Ivory) – Astor, €4.4
Natural Bronzer (021 Sun Light) – Rimmel London, €7.4
Multi Matt Blush (020 La-Lavender) – Catrice Cosmetic, €4.4
Illuminating Palette – Dermacol, €9.4
Essential Shimmers Eyeshadow Palette – Makeup Revolution, €7
Metallic Eyeliner (shade 02) – Gabriella Salvete, €4
Lash Sensational Mascara – Maybelline New York, €8
Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit (shade Medium) – Makeup Revolution, €5
Moisture Renew Lipstick (720 Notting Hill Nude) – Rimmel London, €7.8

The rest of the products I use is listed here with its approximate prices.

1 Base

I start with my concealer, which I’m applying under my eyes in a triangle shape, on my nose and on the spots on my face which need to be covered. I blend everything with a makeup sponge.

I didn’t use neither a face cream, nor a primer as a first step. Instead I’m using BB Cream, which is like “all in one” product – it gives you moisture, primes and works as a foundation too. The biggest benefit, however, is that it’s very light and it just feels like having only a face cream on your face.
I put a small amount on my hand and then pick it up and blend it with my makeup sponge again. I’m not applying any on my forehead, because I don’t think I need there any.

Then I’m using my compact face powder (note: this one is Mattitude Face Powder by Astor, which I don’t normally use – I prefer the one by Rimmel London which is on the list – and that’s because it’s too dark for me; however, in summer it’s quite nice). I pick up the powder with my huge brush and go all over my face. I put some of it on my neck as well.

With the same brush I apply the light colour (the big one with heart on it) from the Illuminating Palette and go all over my face again. It gives you nice gentle glow.

2 Contour

Now I continue with contouring my face. (This will help you figuring out where to put which product.) I pick up my kabuki brush and apply a small amount of bronzer all over my face and neck to give myself a tanned look. Then I apply bronzer on my jawline and the sides of my forehead, using the same brush. Then, using my blush brush (yup) I make my cheekbones pop with the same bronzer.

As a blush I’m using the two lightest colours from the Multi Matt Blush palette by Catrice Cosmetics and I’m applying them on the apples of my cheeks using blush brush.

The last thing in terms of contour is highlighter. I’m using the Illuminating Palette again, but this time the brighter colour. Aaand using the blush brush I apply it on the tip of my nose, cupid’s bow, chin, on my forehead and right above the cheekbones.

3 Eyes and Lips

Essential Shimmers
Essential Shimmers
Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit
Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit

I start with a base eyeshadow colour (number 3 from my Essential Shimmers palette) and go basically all over my eyelid, up to my eyebrows and to the inner corner of my eye to give it some highlight. Then I pick up a Gabriella Salvete eye pencil in the shade 02, which is like a metallic light rosegold colour, and go all over my eyelid again and down to my lower eyelashline.
Then I pick up the golden eyeshadow (number 4) and dab it from the centre to the outer corner of my eye.
With a blending brush I dab the colour 5 to the outer corners of my eyes, crease and go a bit out.
Now I’m highlighting my eyebrow bones with the eyeshadow number 3.

Moving on to eyebrows, I use the mixture of colours 1 and 2 and just fill them in with a brush.
Then I apply mascara and create natural brushed lashes.

Last but not least I use a nude lipstick. It’s the one by Rimmel London (Moisture Renew) in the shade 720 Notting Hill Nude.

Final Look
All finished!

Final Look

And you’re finished! Let me know what products you use for your summer makeup routine. Bye bye bye!


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