One-Day Family Trip | Northwest Bohemia

Hi! We were on a short family trip with my mum, dad and Bayonne the dog (lil’ sister was absent) to locations within an hour-long drive from our holiday house. We visited some nice places and I wanted to bring you the photos I took. Enjoy!

Before you get to the photos, let me just say one thing: we were on the trip on Sunday 17th. That’s more than a week… This way I apologise for not giving you fresh content.

The weather was nice that day, so me and my family decided to go on a one-day trip. This time lil’ sister wasn’t able to come with us, because she had went to a summer camp (I drove her there in the afternoon the day before).

So, firstly we went to Krušovice, which is a town well known for its brewery. We had a delicious lunch at the restaurant “By a Linden Tree” and then continued on foot towards a forest, which was nearby.

Unfortunately, we weren’t on our way for more than five minutes and it started pouring down. We took cover under a roof of one garage, which was right by the road, and waited for it to stop raining.
After ten minutes of rain it started hailing. Eventually my dad had to go back for our car and come back for us. Fortunately the rain and hails stopped, otherwise we would have to go home.

Finally we went to the forest. Bayonne was so happy about it, because she loves running through the woods. We found old ruins of a stone wall, which was quite an adventure for both me and my dog. We immediately climbed the wall and walked on it until it was too dangerous to continue.
Me and my mom found a huge field of blueberries. We both love them and hoping we would pick enough to bake a pie, we used a rubber dog bowl to store the blueberries during the walk. (Poor Bayonne had to wait with drinking till we got to the car to put the blueberries elsewhere.)

The next stop was in Panenský Týnec, where we visited Church of Our Lady, which was never finished. That’s why it looks like ruins nowadays. There’s a legend of the church storing magic powers, which can be felt when you touch the walls. (I didn’t feel anything, though.)

Our last stop was by this pond (which I am not exactly sure where is). There was something that looked like a watermill and it was turning round and round as the water was giving it speed. My dog was really curious about it, but not much enough to go to the water, as it was quite cold.

After that we went home. I was quite tired, but definitely enjoyed the day.
By the way, there wasn’t enough blueberries to make a pie of them, but eventually I baked blueberry muffins, which were heavenly delicious. I got inspired by this post, so check it out. It’s healthier version of my muffins.

So, I hope you enjoyed reading, have a beautiful day and bye bye next time!


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Natalie K.

I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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