Late post

Hi! So I wanted to apologise, because new post of mine, which I was really excited about, should have been out since today’s afternoon; but, as you can tell, it isn’t and it won’t. I don’t really know why exactly this happened, but it deleted itself, leaving only the Title.
I was so annoyed when I realised this, because I had the post almost finished and ready to release… Normally I would probably write it again, but I’m not feeling very well today (it’s 1:25 am here and I can’t sleep because my belly hurts like hell) and I just decided to get it done later.

So, this is “I’m sorry” and I hope you’re having a great night and nice sleep.


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Natalie K.

I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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