The Evil Queen Makeup Tutorial | Collab w/ wondervonnie

Hi! This post is very exciting, because I did a collaboration with wondervonnie!

We had a sleepover two weeks ago and it was so much fun. Vonnie made us Mojitos and I baked muffins and we had also junk food like potato crisps. We watched Just Like Heaven starring Mark Ruffalo and Reese Witherspoon, but didn’t finish it, because we got drunk a bit and we just laughed not knowing why.


In the morning we decided to do some kind of a makeup challenge collaboration post. We thought about a character duo which we could cosplay. The only good one we had in mind was the Evil Queen vs. Regina Mills from Once Upon a Time (gosh, I love those series). And since I’m better with the eyeshadow magic (and the Queen’s face if full of eyeshadow magic), I did The Evil Queen on Vonnie, whereas she did Regina on me.

This is the picture I followed:

The Evil Queen


And here’s the tutorial for the Evil Queen:

1 Base

Products I used for the base:

Make-Up Starter – Nivea, €5
Eyeshadow Primer (Light Beige) – Avon, €8.5
Liquid Camouflage High Coverage Concealer (020 Light Beige) – Catrice Cosmetics, €4
Lasting Finish 25H Foundation (100 Ivory) – Rimmel London, €9.6
Stay Matte Pressed Powder (001 Transparent) – Rimmel London, €4.7

I started with priming Vonnie’s face and eyelids. Then I covered up any blemishes with a concealer, which I applied under her eyes in a triangle shape, on her nose and anywhere else needed; blending it all with a makeup sponge.

The Evil Queen is very pale, so I didn’t use a BB Cream as wondervonnie did on me, but instead I used my Rimmel London foundation, the lightest shade, and I used makeup sponge again. Then I used a big face brush to pick up the pressed powder and went all over her face.


2 Contour

Products I used for contour:

Natural Bronzer (021 Sun Light) – Rimmel London, €7.4
Multi Matt Blush (020 La-Lavender) – Catrice Cosmetic, €4.4
Illuminating Palette – Dermacol, €9.4

Starting with bronzer, I applied it to the cheek hollows, on the jawline and on the sides of Vonnie’s forehead. I did the blush on her cheeks. However, I didn’t use too much of the bronzer, nor the blush, because otherwise it would spoil the look of the Evil Queen. I highlighted her forehead, cheeks, nose, cupid’s bow and chin.


3 Eyes and Lips

Products I used for eyes and lips:

Kate Moss Matte Lipstick (shade 107) – Rimmel London, €6.6
Focus & Fix Eyebrow Shaping Kit (shade Medium) – Makeup Revolution, €5
Lash Sensational Mascara – Maybelline New York, €8
Kohl Kajal Eyeliner Pencil (001 Black Kohl Ink) – NYC, €3.5
Sephora Palette – This is a palette I got from someone as I gift a long time ago. They don’t even sell this anymore. It’s like a kit, which includes eyeshadows, blushes and lip glosses. The ultimate flaw is that the eyeshadows are extremely dusty and go everywhere when you apply them. (And that’s why I don’t use it anymore.)

However, if anyone happens to own this palette, I used the three eyeshadows you see in the picture (base, black, white). But you can find these colours almost anywhere, so don’t worry.

First I applied the base eyeshadow all over her eyelid and went even up to her eyebrows. Then I picked up the white eyeshadow and applied it from the inner corner to the centre of her eye. With the black eyeshadow I created a dark crease and a wing up to her eyebrow, as you can see in the photo.

Friendly Tip: The wing was a complete accident. I tried to clean up her face, because the black eyeshadow dust went everywhere and Vonnie looked like she got beaten up. I had a cotton pad soaked with an eye makeup remover and randomly created this straight wing shape. Works better than brush, trust me.

I used the same eyeshadow to darken the rest of her eyelid (the other half, where I didn’t apply the white). Then I applied the base colour to the gap between the eyebrows and the wing, which kind of highlighted the eyebrows and added more definition to the wing.

After that I used the darkest colour from the eyebrow kit and filled Vonnie’s eyebrows in. Going on with the mascara I created a dramatic look.

The last step was applying a lipstick, but I only chose the shade and the applying itself left to Vonnie, because otherwise it would be mess. There’s nothing harder than applying a lipstick on someone else’s lips.


Final look!




I hope you liked the tutorial. If you want to see the tutorial for Regina Mills look, click here. Also check out wondervonnie, she’s awesome. ;) Bye bye!


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