Alverde Products | Self Care Review

Hi! It was 28th of June, when wondervonnie texted me “OMG, you must buy this silicone-free Alverde shampoo, because it’s heaven!”. And I was like “Okay?”, but then I actually went to local drugstore and bought a whole set of their hair products plus a face wash. And here I am with a review, after a month of using these…

Just to give you some info about Alverde: Alverde Naturkosmetik is a dm Drogerie Markt brand. The products are made of organic ingredients, nothing else. No silicone, no other chemical stuff. Alverde offers both self care products, such as shampoos, body lotions, hand cremes, etc.; and makeup products – pretty much anything you need. (I own one of their lipsticks – shade 23, Simply Brown – and I love it.) All of their products are at reasonable prices.


Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Cure

Shampoo: €1.95
Conditioner: €2.25
Hair Cure: €2.45

So, these three products are basically a set for dry and damaged hair (which mine is) with Aloe Vera and Hibiscus. Let’s just focus on the scent for a while, okay? The products (and especially the shampoo) smell beautiful! Imagine a nice cup of hot herbal tea. That’s what it smells like.

My routine: I use the shampoo and conditioner every day. I apply the conditioner mainly on my ends, because they’re the most damaged part of my hair. I use the hair cure at least twice a week – you want to apply it, leave it for five minutes to have a proper effect, then wash it.

After a month of using these there’s a visible improvement. My hair is softer, healthier and doesn’t get damaged so quickly. Also, my ends have a bad quality of drying out during the day, being all split and ew in the evening. And with these products (conditioner and hair cure, I’m talking to you) my hair stays soft and full of nutrition all day. I just love these and I’m grateful Vonnie recommended me these.


Hair Butter


This is something we (me and Vonnie) both bought a week after the other hair products. It’s a hair butter with avocado and sheabutter for strained and brittle hair. When I first came across a hair butter (which was few years ago), I was like “A hair butter?! Eww!”. But then, since I was fully satisfied with the other hair products, I admitted I could probably try it out. You can apply it on both dry (leaving it be) and wet hair (leaving it for ten minutes and then washing it). I’ve tried both, but I wasn’t really comfortable with any of it.
I developed my own routine: First I wash my hair with shampoo, conditioner (and hair cure if needed), then I dry it with a towel. After that I apply the hair butter, leave it for ten minutes and then just wash it down using only water. I figured out my hair feels more alive that way.


Face Wash


The last thing by Alverde I purchased is this face wash for normal to combination skin type. Before this one I used the Anti-Blemish Daily Wash Scrub by Nivea, which felt really nice, but since I want to use more of a organic cosmetics, I bought this one to try out.

First I wasn’t so sure about the smell – I couldn’t decide if I loved it or detested it. It contains seaweed and that’s probably the “smelly” thing in it. On the first sniff it’s quite bad (and also unknown and strange for me), but when you get used to it, it’s actually pretty refreshing salty smell.

But what’s the most important: My face feels like new after every wash. I use it in the morning to freshen up my face, and then in the evening to clean my face of makeup. Great purchase, will buy it again.

I hope you liked this review. Let me know if you’re currently using any organic beauty products which you are fully satisfied with and want to recommend me (or anyone else). Have a wonderful day!


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Natalie K.

I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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