Merry Christmas Everyone! | Puppies

Hi! I’d like to wish you merry Christmas and happy new year! Don’t be stressed – relax and enjoy yourselves with a cup of nice tea, Christmas cookies and a good book, for example. After all, you’ve earned it. ;)

Here are some Christmas themed photos of our puppies! :)

They are growing fast! | Puppies

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the puppies are doing really well, their weight is mostly around 1 kilo. They can open their eyes now and they’re starting to see! However, they can only distinguish light from dark yet. In addition they are sniffing around, getting to know their surroundings. And some of them are even barking a bit! So cute! ^^

Gingerbread Cake

Hi! Since Christmas is nearly in town, I thought it would be nice to give you some inspiration for festive desserts. Everyone is making cookies or gingerbread men or truffles, which are truly amazing both for taste and sight, but I had in mind something super-easy, something you can make in 40 minutes and it’d still be heavenly delicious at the same time – like my gingerbread cake.

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Furry Little Beasts | Puppies

Hi! So, I have some exciting news for you! I am kind of late, because it would have been “news” a week ago, but: Last Wednesday my doggie Bayonne gave birth! Read more for the whole story…

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Just when you were sure I was dead | Life Update

Hi! Guess who’s back? ;) I felt an urge to write on my blog again, because I abandoned it for, like, two months straight. It would be such a shame to just leave it there, surviving on the internet by itself. After all, I loved blogging so much back in the summer! I decided to kick off with a life update of mine. Keep reading… Continue reading Just when you were sure I was dead | Life Update