Catrice Cosmetics & Dermacol Concealer | First Impression

Hi! Recently I bought two different concealers. Normally I would purchase the Liquid Camouflage Concealer by Catrice Cosmetics, but it was sold out at that moment. So I was like “ok, why not try something completely new?”.

At that time I thought I preferred liquid concealers to the ones in stick, but these two babies proved me wrong. I honestly love the Liquid Camouflage Concealer, because it’s easy to apply, easy to blend and it gives you nice coverage. So I was quite surprised when these two solid concealers actually exceeded my expectations.

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Lifesaving Handbag Kit | Advice

Hi! We all know that not all ladies can survive without their handbag. Our boyfriends are always like “jesus, WHAT are you keeping in there?!” when we ask them to hold it for a few seconds. Oh come on, it’s not THAT heavy.

But sure, when someone has a headache, blister, loose button, dirty hands or unexpected period, we are there to save them. Because that’s what we do – we are ready for everything. Almost.

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I’m on Tumblr!

Hi! Everyone knows Tumblr, everyone has already come into contact with something from Tumblr and everyone uses Tumblr.

Well guess what.

Yesterday was my first time on Tumblr itself. I mean, it’s not like I’m a Tumblr virgin. I follow a few of these “the best of Tumblr” pages on Facebook and my friends send me funny pictures and gifs quite often. But I’ve never exactly been on Tumblr. As in the page. As in Which sounds definitely weird for you. Perhaps, but I didn’t really get the purpose of all of this. I mean, is it like a blog comparable to WordPress or is it like Instagram and you put photos and videos there or is it like Pinterest and you pin the things you like and create new ones…? Well, I was told that it’s all of these. My sister told me it’s pretty much like these socials, only a twisted a lot messier version. *gulp* That kind of scared me away, but I knew that eventually I’d check it out and see what it has for me, because I’m too curious to not be interested.

Anyway, I’m giving it a chance and if it turns out not useful or enjoyable for me, I’ll just deactivate it. So, Tumblr, show me what you’ve got!

You can find me at 😉