Finally named! | Puppies

Hi! I’ve got exciting news! The puppies have finally got names! Yay!

As I’ve said previously, they’re a litter H, so the names of all of them must start with the letter H. I must say, it was way harder than we expected, because there are rules to follow. For example, the name MUST start with the letter of the litter and that applies always, even if the first word of the name isn’t the name you’re going to call the dog. (To give you example, you can’t name the dog “Mighty Hercules”, even if you were going to call him Hercules, which starts with H, because the first word is “Mighty” and that starts with M. I think you get the idea.)
Another rule is that the name must not have more than 20 characters, including spaces (and excluding the name of the breeding station – it’s added behind the name itself, as sort of a surname; our breeding station is called Lion’s Dark). Thanks to this rule, we had to completely change one super-cool and super-fitting name, because it had 22 characters. :(

Well, I think you can imagine the time and effort we put into this, haha. In spite of some trouble we had, I think the names are pretty good and fitting to the personality of the dogs. However, the owners are obviously allowed to call them whatever they want (even totally differently). Here they are:

Grey boy   –    Harun Marley
Black boy   –   Hakuna Matata
Red boy   –   Houdini On The Run
Green boy   –   Hook Our Love
Purple boy   –   Huckleberry Sweet
Brown boy   –   His Highness Harry
Beige boy   –   Heart Of The Hunter
Blue boy   –   Humphrey The Hot Dog (haha, get it?)
Yellow girl   –   Habiba Amali
Pink girl   –   Honey Banny (from her mother, Banny; pronounced like bunny)

So, what do you think? :)

Oh and by the way, the pupps are 7 weeks old now. ;) They can be separated from their mother no earlier than in the age of 8 weeks. That means they are leaving soon! :( Even though it’s extremely exhausting to take care of them, I’m kind of sad it’s almost over.


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