Lifesaving Handbag Kit | Advice

Hi! We all know that not all ladies can survive without their handbag. Our boyfriends are always like “jesus, WHAT are you keeping in there?!” when we ask them to hold it for a few seconds. Oh come on, it’s not THAT heavy.

But sure, when someone has a headache, blister, loose button, dirty hands or unexpected period, we are there to save them. Because that’s what we do – we are ready for everything. Almost.

I’ve had a handbag kit for a few years now and I’m glad I created one, because it saved my (and other’s) life multiple times. It’s small, so you can fit it anywhere, but more importantly it’s keeping all the essentials together, so when you feel like bringing a different handbag (and you’re kind of in a rush like me, let’s face it) you can just easily grab it – no need to look for tiny bits and pieces you can’t go without. Just one little case.
I’m going to show you what’s in my kit and also give you some tips on what else might be useful to throw in…

The Content of my handbag kit:

  • a lip balm (Lovely Mint by Balea)
  • a small case with painkillers
  • my housedoor key
  • spare contraception pills (for sudden sleepovers)
  • a nail file
  • two brown hair bands
  • Winterfresh chewing gums
  • an antibacterial handgel (nice and clean whenever you need it)
  • Dermacol concealer in stick (especially for bleeding lipstick)
  • a two-way adapter for earphones (for you and your bff to listen to the same music)
  • a pocket version of fragrance (Little Black Dress)
  • a pocket mirror
  • two black bobby pins
  • a small lamp for reading (so cool – it has a clip so you can attach it to the book)
  • two tampons (period won’t ask you if it’s okay to start right here, right now)
  • sugar or sweets (to help me stay conscious when I feel like I’m going to faint)

Tips for other useful thingies:

  • handcream
  • wet wipes
  • earphones
  • plasters
  • pen
  • a piece of paper
  • pepper spray
  • needle and thread,…

It’s surely a lot of things to carry around, but I like to be prepared for the kind of hard situations when you just don’t expect a thing and then just BOOM period or BOOM your nail is broken or BOOM… You get my point.


Published by

Natalie K.

I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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