Catrice Cosmetics & Dermacol Concealer | First Impression

Hi! Recently I bought two different concealers. Normally I would purchase the Liquid Camouflage Concealer by Catrice Cosmetics, but it was sold out at that moment. So I was like “ok, why not try something completely new?”.

At that time I thought I preferred liquid concealers to the ones in stick, but these two babies proved me wrong. I honestly love the Liquid Camouflage Concealer, because it’s easy to apply, easy to blend and it gives you nice coverage. So I was quite surprised when these two solid concealers actually exceeded my expectations.

Allround coverstick by Catrice Cosmetics

Price: 2.5 €
Shade: 010 Nude
My rating: 9/10

So. Firstly, let me appreciate its shade. I feel like most of the concealers (or even foundations) claim to be the ivory shade (which is also the lightest shade you can get here), but they’re still too dark for my skintone. I’m that pale, yeah. But this one is almost perfect. It doesn’t leave dark yellowish stains on my face like the others do. The packaging also says it’s longlasting. Now, I can neither confirm nor disprove it, because I blow my nose very very often every day and that’s one thing no concealer can resist. However, I feel like it’s fighting the tissues pretty good, haha.

Secondly, I was really impressed by its texture. Because when you get your hands on a concealer stick, you expect it to be hard to blend, not much of a coverage and leave your skin looking dry. But this one with its creamy texture is the opposite: it feels very nice on my skin, it also blends perfectly and my face looks healthy and covered just enough. I feel like it’s a go to for people with dry T zone. I know my sister has unbelievably dry nose, so most of the concealers she’s tried got just sucked into her skin and left it with like nothing on. So I think this might help people like her. ;)

Conclusion: Although it’s not heavenly pigmented and it’s not the perfect concealer a lot of people would stick to, I am quite satisfied with it. I use it almost every day and I feel good. Also it’s worth the money (which you can’t say about all products and even if they’re made by pricey quality brand – let’s be honest here). And the packaging is convenient, because it doesn’t take a lot of space and therefore it’s perfect to carry along in a handbag kit (… which you should have in your bag as well!; click here to see what it should include).

Matt control corrector by Dermacol

Price: 3.6 €
Shade: n°1
My rating: 7/10

I bought this one maybe a week ago, because I wanted to have two concealers – one in my handbag and one in my makeup bag – and it felt a little bit boring to just buy the same Catrice one. And because lately I like to try new things (or at least as far as makeup is concerned), I discovered Matt Control corrector by Dermacol. Again, it’s a solid concealer, but nothing similar to the Catrice one. At first sight you can see it’s not as chubby, however much longer when comes to packaging. But there’s more.

When I swatched it at the drugstore, the shade looked quite fitting, so I thought “this will do alright” and bought it. However, when I got home, I realised it’s a bit darker than the one I already had. Sure, my skin is pale and of a yellowish undertone and this is after all shade number 1, but it was quite a difference when I put it on my face. Sadly it’s the lightest shade Dermacol offers… (Disclaimer: This isn’t meant to sound as a flaw. The shade may be perfectly suitable for someone else, it just doesn’t quite work for me.)

I then realised another thing. The dry texture I was talking about? Yup, this has it. I mean, it’s not that bad, it’s just that my nose is a bit dry and it works better with creamy textures. And that is also why the blending is a bit hard.

To push the odds of the Dermacol concealer in its favour a bit, I must say, that the pigmentation is a lot better than the one’s by Catrice. The packaging also says that it’s supposed to mattify your skin and cover you blemishes, which it certainly does. And that I can appreciate.

Conclusion: It’s a very good concealer, with a decent pigmentation, it just doesn’t work specifically for my skin (and skintone) and that is the only reason I probably won’t purchase it again.

Swatches on my forearm. Upper one – Catrice; Lower one – Dermacol.

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