The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Alone Time

Hi! Recently I was thinking about what would a perfect weekend day look like. I guess we all have a “perfect Sunday” picture in our heads – doing what we like the most or being with someone special to us. But I think that’s too general (and obvious as well). I’m talking about something more specific than this.

I realized it would be impossible to do everything you’d like to do in one day. It just won’t fit. And in addition, it won’t even go together, because I imagine you like to do many different things with different people, which require many different places to go to. So you’d have to create like these scenarios, which would essentially turn out to be completely different days…

This sounds quite insane, and yes, I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot, haha. I divided my perfect Sundays into a few plans, depending on the mood, place and number of people included. I suppose they could give you some hint at what you could do at the weekend.

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A Day with Me

Hi! I’ve been writing these kind of useful posts, which are concentrating on some specific topic, for a while now. Last Thursday I released the Spaghetti Carbonara post and before that I made a makeup tutorial. And don’t get me wrong, I love writing this kind of posts and I enjoy reading them myself, but I thought I would write something more casual this time, just for a change. So I decided my next post would be a diary log. Sort of. And Sunday seemed just perfect for this purpose.

I hope this article will bring you some peace and relax your mind, because you don’t have to concentrate on reading too much this time, haha. :)

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Spaghetti Carbonara

Hi! I love Italian cuisine and Spaghetti Carbonara are one of my most favourite meals ever. It’s quick and easy and DELICIOUS. I don’t go to uni till 20th February, so I have plenty opportunities to cook. And I decided to share with you the recipe for the best pasta ever…

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Hey guys and happy Valentine’s Day! Today I have a Valentine’s Day makeup look for you, which could give you some inspiration, if you’re about to go somewhere tomorrow – alone, with BFFs or with partner, doesn’t matter. :)

I realise many people hate Valentine’s Day, either because they consider it too commercial or they’re not in the relationship at the moment; and that I completely understand. However, I belong to the group of people who love (or at least like) Valentine’s Day. Sure, it is commercial and these things, but I think it’s also a good opportunity to spend some romantic time with your significant other (or with whomever you like to). We live in a busy world and hence we often forget to slow down and enjoy ourselves. And unfortunately even Valentine’s Day isn’t the opportunity these days – I am not a fan of expensive presents like jewellery or else, which are very common to give, because people for some reason think that the more expensive present the more joy it brings. Rubbish. I would be much more excited when my boyfriend would say “Hey, I got you these sweets and this flower, because I know you love it.”, because that means more than some expensive jewellery – he knows it’s my favourite and got it for me. And that’s love, haha.

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I have a Facebook page!

Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you I created a Facebook page “nandaispanda”. :) I imagine it’s going to be used as an extension of my main platform, as in WordPress. Everyone uses Facebook these days, so I figured out it could be more comfortable to follow me there, because I realize not everyone checks WordPress Reader daily.

I’m going to post photos, random thoughts not worthy of their own posts, statuses or links to my posts here on WordPress – a reminder of my new articles, which come out every Monday and Thursday (or at least I want them to).

I’m not really sure where it’s going, yet, but I guess we’ll find out. :)

Bye bye, Nanda

Link to my Facebook page: click here; or just search “@nandaispanda” on Facebook ;)

Relax Your Mind with ASMR | Advice

Everyone needs to relax. To get lost a bit. Letting your thoughts scatter and just turning off for a while will make you feel so much better. I’d have to know, because I always find time for myself during the day. Even if it’s only ten minutes. But it’s my time – no school, no chores, no “what I need to do after”, just me.

This time, although it may seem like it, is not wasted. Just the opposite: it helps you recharge, brighten your mood and better the concentration. So it’s especially useful when you’re learning for finals (like I did) or when you need to work efficiently.

I realize people prefer different ways of relaxation. They listen to music, read, write, sleep or do yoga. And one of them is also something called ASMR.

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