Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Hey guys and happy Valentine’s Day! Today I have a Valentine’s Day makeup look for you, which could give you some inspiration, if you’re about to go somewhere tomorrow – alone, with BFFs or with partner, doesn’t matter. :)

I realise many people hate Valentine’s Day, either because they consider it too commercial or they’re not in the relationship at the moment; and that I completely understand. However, I belong to the group of people who love (or at least like) Valentine’s Day. Sure, it is commercial and these things, but I think it’s also a good opportunity to spend some romantic time with your significant other (or with whomever you like to). We live in a busy world and hence we often forget to slow down and enjoy ourselves. And unfortunately even Valentine’s Day isn’t the opportunity these days – I am not a fan of expensive presents like jewellery or else, which are very common to give, because people for some reason think that the more expensive present the more joy it brings. Rubbish. I would be much more excited when my boyfriend would say “Hey, I got you these sweets and this flower, because I know you love it.”, because that means more than some expensive jewellery – he knows it’s my favourite and got it for me. And that’s love, haha.

Enough about this and let’s move on to the makeup tutorial. I decided to create a bold, but not very unnatural look. I have this rule, which I never break: Strong eyeshadow game – weak lips, and the other way around. I thought it would be convenient to have some natural looking lipstick on, because you might go to dinner or else and then it’s not smudged lips = good lips. And that means we can play around with eyeshadows a little bit. :) (My favourite part.)

So, firstly I did the usual pre-steps such as cleaning my face, moisturising it and priming it. You use whatever you’re comfortable with; I’m using the Acneclear antibacterial face gel by Dermacol, face cream and primer by Nivea and eyeshadow primer by Avon.

My face before any makeup application (I look ill, haha).

Then I started creating the base for my look. As a concealer I used the Allround coverstick by Catrice Cosmetics in the shade Nude and I put it on my nose and under my eyes. Then I used the highlighting half of the Mastercontour stick by Maybelline to create a triangle shape under my eyes, blending it with a makeup sponge. It brightens my eyes nicely. :)
For foundation I used the Lasting Finish foundation by Rimmel in the shade Ivory, blending it with the sponge as well.
Now for a setting powder I would normally use the Stay Matte powder by Rimmel, but since this is kind of a special day, I wanted more coverage than usual. That’s why I used the Mineral powder foundation by Mary Kay in the shade Ivory 2 (this shade is a bit dark for me, because I got it as a gift, but I can still use it without achieving a “fake” appearance). This gave me nice flawless look.

Now to the contouring part. For a contour-bronzer I used (don’t laugh) the Make me brow duo eyebrow powder by Essence. I figured it has the perfect ashy shade for contouring, comparing to the other bronzers, which are more warm and hence best to be used for the sun-kissed effect – such as the Natural Bronzer by Rimmel, which I used afterwards.
For the blush I’ve been loving the Multi Matt blush by Catrice in the shade La-Lavender. I’m putting it simply on the apples of my cheeks.
Now I’ve been highlighting my face with the Illuminating palette by Dermacol for the past six months and I must say I love it very very much. So I just put a little of the bigger half of the product on my face brush, using it on my whole face. It always gives me nice subtle glow. However, for the highlighting part itself I used the middle part of the Ultra Brightening contour kit by Makeup Revolution in the shade Ultra fair – simply because it’s very pigmented and sparkly (maybe too much, haha). I highlighted my cheekbones, tip of my nose and my cupid’s bow.

And here comes the fun part, haha. For the brows I used the Focus & Fix brow kit by Makeup Revolution in the shade Medium and I used the two ashy dark shades (you can see which ones in the photo below). I like to make my brows a bit messy lately, because I like how natural it looks.

Then I used the eyeshadows from my beloved Ultra eyeshadows palette by Makeup Revolution. I thought I’d do pinks and purples, because they nicely match the Valentine’s Day mood. So, firstly I used the Shimmer Heart on my whole eyelids, kind of as a base. Then I took Universal for the outer half of my eyelids, blending it with the Shimmer Heart and working it out near the brow bone. For the outer corner and crease I used Red night. Make sure you blend it nicely with the Universal. And finally the mixture of Barely pink and Highlite for the inner corner and brow bone.
As I was looking at myself, I felt like the eyes missed something, so I took my narrow eyeliner brush and lined my lower lashline with Universal, adding a bit of Red night in the outer part of the line.
I was thinking about adding a black eyeliner to the game, but I realised it might look too harsh, so instead I used the NYC Kohl kajal eye pencil and lined my upper lashline very lightly, just to give it some definition.
I finished the whole thing by blending the edges with Paper, so that it looked more natural and not like IN YOUR FACE.

The mascara I used is the Get big lashes mascara by Essence – I like to explore the world of cheap drugstore makeup lately; partly because my eyelashes love me, so they have no problem with any mascara I apply on them.

As I’ve said before, it would be good to have more natural shade on your lips, so I used the Natural beauty (or number 07) lipstick by Essence. I truly love this one, it’s very light and cute and although it’s this bright vintage looking pink, which normally hates me, it looks wonderful on my lips.

And so as not to look like a melted cake in the evening, I fixed my face with the MagiX prime and set spray by Avon.

All done! This is the finished look. :)

Guys, I hope you liked this tutorial and that it at least inspired you to experiment with pinks and purples – I know most people fear them, but trust me, they look gorgeous. I wish you happy Valentine’s Day! :)


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Natalie K.

I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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