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Hi! I’ve been writing these kind of useful posts, which are concentrating on some specific topic, for a while now. Last Thursday I released the Spaghetti Carbonara post and before that I made a makeup tutorial. And don’t get me wrong, I love writing this kind of posts and I enjoy reading them myself, but I thought I would write something more casual this time, just for a change. So I decided my next post would be a diary log. Sort of. And Sunday seemed just perfect for this purpose.

I hope this article will bring you some peace and relax your mind, because you don’t have to concentrate on reading too much this time, haha. :)

8:30 am

“Sooo, I’m in Brno in hall of residence and today is Sunday. Tomorrow’s my first day of school in the second semester. I have only one lecture on Monday, which starts at 8:20 am and ends at 9:05 am. That doesn’t seem so bad.” – These were my thoughts when I woke up. (Just kidding the very fist thoughts were “Please no, I don’t want to get out of my nice warm bed yet…”, when my alarm clock went on.)

I opened the window and looked outside – sky was white like milk and I could feel the cold air flowing to my room. The weather was kind of disappointing to me, because three days before Sunday it was very sunny and warm, it almost seemed like spring coming and I got used to it too quickly I guess.

9:05 am

Breakfast. I had a mug of chamomile tea and two pieces of pastry filled with vanilla custard and sprinkled with chocolate chips. Yum.
While eating the breakfast I watched one or two episodes of Arrow (I’m in season 4).

10:20 am

Since this is the last free day before school starts, I thought it would be nice to go outside, maybe take a walk in park and then look around the shops. Besides, I’m on a hunt for a Converse gymsack (or what is this thing called), because my lil’ sis has one and uses it all the time. I like hers quite a lot, because it’s this burgundy colour and it’s made of 100% nylon, which is very good material (better than polyester anyway, which is the most common material used for these bags I guess). And the thing I like probably the most about it is its style – it can be used as a gymsack for sport events OR a nice stylish and casual bag; which is the problem with all these Nike and Adidas etc. bags – they look purely sporty, like “hey this is my jogging bag, which I use for jogging; but when I feel a little adventurous I even take it for roller skating”, you know what I mean?

Anyway, I started to look through the eshops for these gymsacks by Converse and I found out they have them in stock here in Olympia (which is like an enormous shopping centre in the suburbs). So I thought “okay, this looks like a nice adventure”, since I have been at Olympia only once and it’s so huge it makes me anxious.

After this internet hunt for the dreamy gymsack I watched some ASMR videos by asmrbylisa and ASMR blossom. (If you’re like “ASMR? What the heck is that?” right now, click here).

11:00 am

I started writing this post while listening to some non talking ASMR – it helps me concentrate.

12:15 pm

I went to microwave my lunch, which I brought from home. Pasta with creamy mushroom sauce (though without mushrooms, because I detest the structure of them – I eat only champignon mushrooms). My mum used mushroom spices for this one and it’s sooo delicious.

While eating I was watching Yuri on Ice (after a long pause I’m into anime again, haha).

1:02 pm

Okay, time to do my makeup. I’d say I have a balanced relationship with my face, but it sometimes likes to do something like “Ha! You’re going out, aren’t you? AREN’T YOU? Well, would be a shame if you had redness and pimples all over the face, mwahaha!”. And in opposite, when I’m home and I don’t care how I look like, my face is without blemishes, clean and so fresh and pretty looking, that I would go anywhere just like that, feeling fabulous.

So, Sunday was the “I’m going out” day and my face was mischievous again. I put on more foundation than normally and just got it over with. I didn’t really enjoy doing my makeup that day. It happens sometimes, you know.


2:15 pm

After doing my hair, deciding what to wear and packing my handbag I finally left the halls. I went to the tram stop for a 20-minute ride. One thing about the Olympia shopping centre is that they provide the service of free bus connection between the centre of Brno and the shopping centre itself. I really appreciate that. Olympia is indeed in the suburbs and there’s no way you could get there not having a car.
So, I took the bus and after ten minutes I was getting off and standing right in front of the main entrance of Olympia.

I had to look for the map to learn the location of the shop I needed to go to (fyi it was A3 Sport) – no one has time nor stamina to search through the whole building. I’d say it would take minimum half an hour to walk through, not stopping anywhere.

This is the pavement leading to my hall of residence. On my way to the tram stop.

3:20 pm

I found the gymsack quite quickly, but I still looked around some more, just reassuring myself this is truly the one I want and there’s no better option than this one. I originally wanted a black one, but that colour was sold out everywhere, so I had to go for the option number two, which was dark navy blue. Which I liked very much as well, so I bought it.

Well, that left me with my goal reached. I found pointless to just return to the halls, so I spent some time wandering around, eventually going for a quick meal to KFC (I was starving and there was no better option, normally I wouldn’t eat in fast food, because it makes me a bit sick).

I visited Nanu-Nana, which is a shop (German one, I believe) specialised in gift products and home decor, and I got there a very pretty birthday card for one of my friends. I’m not going to show it here in case she’s reading, though. (Sorry.)

4:30 pm

When I was passing the Sephora shop I slowed down a bit. This morning I planned to go there, because it seemed very exciting and I’ve never been to Sephora before (yup, what a loser I am). Don’t get me wrong, I had plenty of opportunities to visit Sephora, but looking at the high quality expensive products on the glossing stands from the distance I always started to feel like I don’t belong there. Everyone must sense that I am not that kind of girl who buys their products, they must sense that I buy the cheap drugstore makeup, because I don’t have the money to afford Sephora. And though I’ve heard they treat you nicely at Sephora, I still haven’t gone there. I guess I’ve always felt kind of ashamed. Which sounds stupid, as I’m reading that sentence again, but I can’t help myself.

Anyway, the same thing happened again in that moment when I was slowly passing Sephora. I chickened out again, how obvious and stupid. Well, maybe one day I’ll have either the courage or the money to go there and admire the cool stuff they sell.

8:30 pm

This is now.

I got home around 5:30 pm, had dinner and watched an episode of Flash. And now I’m listening to non-talking  ASMR, eating date fruit and writing this post.
I must say I’m very happy about the bag I got myself and I’m excited to try it out in action. Tomorrow is my first day of school, so maybe then?

Guys, I hope you enjoyed reading. This Sunday was a bit more “adventurous” for me, because I normally don’t do shopping centres alone. However, I quite enjoyed it, besides the tiny anxiety attack I had in the centre caused by the amount of people there, haha. (Understandable – it was weekend and everyone shops at the weekend.)

So, how was your Sunday? Did you do anything exciting or did you just stay home and relax? :)


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Natalie K.

I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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