The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Alone Time

Hi! Recently I was thinking about what would a perfect weekend day look like. I guess we all have a “perfect Sunday” picture in our heads – doing what we like the most or being with someone special to us. But I think that’s too general (and obvious as well). I’m talking about something more specific than this.

I realized it would be impossible to do everything you’d like to do in one day. It just won’t fit. And in addition, it won’t even go together, because I imagine you like to do many different things with different people, which require many different places to go to. So you’d have to create like these scenarios, which would essentially turn out to be completely different days…

This sounds quite insane, and yes, I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot, haha. I divided my perfect Sundays into a few plans, depending on the mood, place and number of people included. I suppose they could give you some hint at what you could do at the weekend.

Friendly note: Because this would be an unbearably long read if I just stuck all my ideas into one post, I decided to split it into few episodes – alone time, on a date, with friends. ;)

Alone time

I mean, everyone, and even the most outgoing and social people, needs some time spent with just themselves. Time to recharge the batteries, as they say. So it’s okay to spend your perfect Sunday doing stuff you love, alone.

a) at home

I imagine there are days when you don’t feel like going out, because several reasons: bad weather, you not wanting to “face” people, or something as simple as your laziness (let’s face it, we are all lazy from time to time).

This day would start for me with relaxing self-cleansing process (hair wash, face wash, face mask etc.), then breakfast – my favourite food to have for breakfast is a butter croissant without any filling, eating it just like that or with honey; accompanying it with a cup of chamomile tea. Now, I’m used to watching something (YouTube videos or series) when having a meal, so I’d probably tune on Arrow or Flash series, which I’m enjoying very much (or am rather obsessed with lately, haha) and would continue watching even after breakfast.

Then would be the time to make myself a lunch. I love cooking, so I’d probably think of something really creative and fun to prepare. (Such as mashed potatoes with bacon and spring onion, Spaghetti Carbonara, Tortillas or something purely improvised.)

After lunch I like to catch up on the new stuff on my WordPress Reader or on Bloglovin’ and read some posts by my favourite authors. And since this would be Sunday and I’m used to scheduling posts on Monday, I would definitely do some writing or at least double checking everything was ready for the release.

Now, this may sound really weird, but I enjoy cleaning and tidying. At least lately. And that’s because I listen to my Disney songs playlist on Spotify, which makes it so much fun! (Yes, I love Disney and I know all the lyrics, haha.) It makes me feel relaxed as well. Besides, everyone likes clean space, right?

After everything’s nice and clean (and that would be around 4 pm, I guess), the perfect thing to do would be watch some Disney film with a cup of tea and something sweet to snack on (such as biscuits or anything I’ve baked earlier). OR time to play games! I like these Japanese-styled horror games, such as Ib or The Witch House or Mad Father, or The Sims 2, which I love (such a classic).

For dinner I like to have a vegetable salad with mozzarella and green olives, yum. Or my special sandwich – I make fried egg on a slice of bacon and place it between two slices of toast bread; served with vegetables.

I always shower in the evening, because I like the feeling of cleanness, being all soft and fragrant with the shower gel. I feel so cosy I just grab a book and another cup of tea and read till I start falling asleep.

Tip about sleeping: I can’t fall asleep when I’m alone in the room. I just can’t, don’t know why. One thing that really helps me is leaving my laptop playing some soft piano music on YouTube. There are plenty of them, different styles and different lenghts, but I especially like this one. It’s 8 hours long, so it pretty much lasts till I wake up in the morning.

b) adventure

So, even though I really like my alone time, feeling all cosy and comfortable, there are also times when I simply MUST get out. Either it’s nice weather outside or I need to clean my head or just for fun.

I would head out early, probably one or two hours after breakfast, because that’s the time when it’s usually very sunny outside. I would go to the Lužánky park, because it’s my favourite place to go here in Brno. It’s a beautiful green area full of grass and trees and there are these little paths, which can get you to places like dog park (that’s the area where you can safely unleash your dog) or a few playgrounds for children or even a little garden. :)
Walking through the park I would take lots of photos (some of them would go to a new WordPress post of course) of nature, children and dogs (especially the last two – they are usually very photogenic).
After that I’d definitely sit down on a bench and read a book. I find it very relaxing and refreshing. And also, I can more concentrate on reading when I’m outside, for some reason.

Then, as I imagine it would be time to have some lunch, I would take a walk and find some fast food restaurant like Bageterie Boulevard or something. I don’t usually eat at fast food restaurants, but I’d consider this kind of a special occasion, haha. I would also go to some café (after I’ve eaten the lunch) and get a coffee to go.

With a coffee in my hand I would go to the centre of the city and just look around the shops, maybe even buy something. The thing with me and shopping is that I don’t ever buy something I’m not completely passionate about. There’s nothing like “uuhh, I kind of like it, so I might even buy it” for me. I have to love that thing to spend my money on it.
Anyway, I would visit some clothing shops, book shops, drugstores and stationery shops for sure, because these are the things I love.

I just remembered: while having this little walk I would visit the Liberty Square, where I like to sit on a bench in front of McDonald’s and watch this man playing guitar and singing songs in English for change. His skills are very impressive and I like listening to his music. :)

Aaand that would be about it. I hope this article gave you some inspiration of what you could possibly do at the weekend when alone. I’m honestly really looking forward to writing another episode of this, because I have quite a lot of ideas. :)


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Natalie K.

I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic. I study Italian and German at Masaryk University in Brno, where I live as well. I am obsessed with tea and vanilla ice cream, haha! I love books, blogging, Disney and of course my two adorable Rhodesian Ridgeback ladies.

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