The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Friends

This is the third and also the last part of my mini series, where I suggest activities you can do in your free time. If you’re interested, you can read my previous articles, which were adjusted for alone time and dating.
This time I’m concentrating on friendship – a big or small group of friends or just one or two of your best friends. I hope you can gain some inspiration from this. :)

Note: I’m sorry, guys, men and boys, but BFF activities in this article are mostly girlish, since I am one and me and my best friends just do girly stuff.

With Friends

A) A Group of People

The thing me and my friends do annually is a Christmas party, hosted by yours truly. I decorate my room with christmasy candles and a tiny fake Christmas tree with baubles and birds and cones. I always have some Christmas themed napkins and I bake some chocolate chip muffins to go with them. Last year I even made a cranberry and pineapple punch for everyone (I used Zoella’s recipe), which was sooo yummy. Usually Vonnie brings something as well (she is a good baker and I love the stuff she makes, especially her biscuits and cupcakes); and everyone else always brings some fizzy drinks, crisps or something.
On this occasion we eat, listen to Christmas songs (Let It Snow is my favourite) and chat. Then we play some games, such as Activity, Twister or a game called Kýbl (“bucket” in English), which is very similar to charades. One of my friends gave each one of us a board game last Christmas, which was very convenient, because we could play something different this time and it was so much fun.
You can adjust this to many different occasions, such as Halloween (costume party!), pyjamas party, summer party, the end of a school year party etc. :)

Apart from throwing a party, we often go to a teashop in my hometown, because it impresses with its cosiness and calmness. There’s also two rooms, dividing the area into non-smoking and “hookah allowed”. That’s really cool, because I personally don’t smoke these, so I’d rather be in the non-smoking room (and also because it’s a lot nicer and comfier, haha). We order the same tea every time we go there – vanilla bourbon. (Unfortunately, during one of my latest visits, I was informed that they don’t prepare vanilla bourbon anymore! What a shame, I loved it.) And then we chat or play some board games or borrow one of these funny books, which can be found there, and read some parts out loud. There is poetry, which is quite nice, but then there are also books like “How’s your sex life? – 100 tests, find out”, which are very random and funny to read with a bunch of friends.

The next thing, which we don’t do (ever), is clubbing (or how do the cool kids call it these days). But I’ve been to few parties here in Brno and realised it’s so much fun! Recently me and my friend went to a Retro party and the dress code was from 50’s to 90’s. I wore retro-ish black dress with white dots and red ribbon and a red bow in my hair. I must say, I felt kind of cool, haha.
So, you can google any themed parties in your living area and go dancing! There are a lot of casual parties as well, of course, but when it’s got a theme, it’s more fun, in my opinion. ;)
Anyway, parting can be amazing, but only if you realise it’s not all about the alcohol. It’s about dancing and having fun. Okay, and a little bit about alcohol, but not too much. Trust me, it’s not fun afterwards, if you overdo it.


Moving on to a with-BFF-spent kind of day…

Me and Vonnie looooove shopping. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind. Or, if not shopping, we love looking around and just checking out clothes. We like going to one second-hand shop in my hometown, because you can find some amazing pieces there – I have from there some crop-tops, a jumper, a cute lacy top with Peter Pan collar and more. Plus, it helps Mother Nature, am I right?

When we’re in the shopping centre, we often try very bizarre clothes. You know, the ones that somehow catches your eye, but you would never wear them. We also have this game when we go different ways and choose clothing for each other. And that’s surprisingly working, because we know each other very well and therefore we are certain of what would the other one want and what not. That way I bought a boho-inspired cardigan or a very colourful very brave very see-through crop top (which I learned to love with all my heart).
The things we love more than clothing are probably makeup and cosmetics. That’s why we like to spend a lot of time (LIKE A LOT OF TIME) in drugstores, trying on various lipstick shades, swatching eyeshadows and sniffing shower gels. We often end up buying something, of course (yes, I’m looking at you, my enormous collection of lipsticks).

After all of this it’s only appropriate to go have a cup of coffee or a hot chocolate and a dessert to go with it. We spend the time chatting about all kinds of stuff.

Aaand sometimes we even make a sleepover out of it! We always agree on watching a film (usually something like Bridget Jones’s Diary or else, to make us feel better about ourselves, or something very weepy, like Les Miserables or Brother Bear (yeah!), because that’s just what we do, we are such crybabies), eating crisps or something. Before going to sleep, we like to do a pamper evening, which consists of face masks, hair care, body scrub and body butter, plucking eyebrows, doing our nails etc. That’s very relaxing, I suggest you try it sometime and do yourself a favour of a proper pampering.
In the morning we usually do something makeup related, such as doing each other’s makeup; I just realised we don’t do it only usually, but always, oops.

What we don’t do very much (but it’s fun, we should do it more often, Vonnie *wink wink*) is cooking and baking together. Preparing meals is always fun when you’re doing it with someone else (remember our famous cupcakes, haha), and even more if you’re as clumsy and messy as we are. Vonnie always turns on her Spotify and we dance and sing loudly and try not to destroy the kitchen.

That’s all I have for you today. I hope I inspired you to some quality time with your friends.

Have a beautiful day! xo

Free Time Activities to Do with Friends

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