Note #2

Hi loves! Yes, it’s me, after a long long long time since the last activity on this blog. I know – I was used to posting at least two articles per week and believe me it ripped my heart right out of my chest when I realised I was not able to do that anymore. And that’s because that devilish creation called finals, which comes to hunt me every semester. I simply have enough of self-preservation to say farewell (or maybe “see you later”) to my blogging days in order to concentrate on studying rather than enjoying my biggest hobby.

But now, since most of the exams are over and I have more free time, I’m going to start posting again, yay! I am so excited!

With that comes a few of reconstruction changes, which I’ve planned to do for a while, but not realised due to the lack of time. To give you example: I thought about changing my website name, currently being To be honest, I never thought this blog would last this long and that I would be so keen on blogging itself, so I chose the first name that came to mind, thinking it was kind of cute and original. And after a lot of name choosing and word attaching into something that at least makes any sense, I decided to just leave it be. I mean, nandaispanda isn’t bad after all, is it? At first I thought it sounded kind of silly (which probably did, I mean nandaispanda, whaaat?), but at the same time I like this silliness. So, you’ll be seeing this name further.
However, I thought about organising my main menu and the other menu, which is on the right side of the website. I want to keep it nice and clean, without any unnecessary items.

To sum up: I am sooo excited to be back. Expect articles right away, because I have more time and summer is here, which means holidays is here and wiiiiii, I just want to blog. I still have some exams to pass, though, but they are more “chill” then the previous ones, so it should be ok.

That’s all I wanted to say for now, have a wonderful day! 🙂


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