Our First Con! | AnimeFest 2017

Hi! So, almost a month ago a really famous anime con called AnimeFest took place in Brno. It’s the biggest con of its kind in Czech Republic. My sister and I are into anime and series and films and games and this kind of stuff, and she even sews and is a real good crafty person, so we decided we’d make some cosplays and go for it.

I am so excited about this post, because I couldn’t wait to show you the photos and share the precious moments of this festival. Let’s get to it!

AnimeFest always lasts for three days (Friday to Sunday) and so there was a need for us to create three cosplays – I eventually decided to go only for two and spend the Sunday in my normal clothes. This is our cosplay plan:

Me: Viola from RPG indie game The Witch’s House
Sis: Ellen from The Witch’s House as well

Me: Misa Amane from Death Note
Sis: Junko from Danganronpa

Me: normal clothing (aka Fairy Tail fan No. 5, haha)
Sis: Fuwa from Shimoneta

Friday, 19th May

The first day of the con. One big advantage was that we could stay at the halls of residence of my university, otherwise we would have to look for some cheap accommodation elsewhere in Brno. Another, even bigger advantage of staying at the halls, was that my sister could arrive one day before the con started, and so we were able to pick up the AnimeFest visitor-bracelets in advance – when we arrived to the exhibition centre the next day, there was a queue for the bracelets even outside the building. We would have waited for one or two hours for sure…

We met up with our cousin Filip and some of his friends. Because this was our first festival of this kind, we were really shy and confused and overwhelmed (in a good way) at the same time. All the cosplayers were so cute and perfect! We spent all day by exploring the humongous area of the exhibition centre. There were a few buildings, where the lectures and workshops took place, then a large area for stands, where you could buy everything from pins, wigs and posters to kitten ears and Japanese snacks. Upstairs there was a gaming area, where you could try out Just Dance, all kinds of games with Oculus, or just borrow a board game and enjoy it with your friends.

I really loved the first day, even though it was a bit scary and full of unknown (and you know me and my fear of crowded areas), but it was very cool as well, because we were in euphoria of all those awesome cosplays we saw. We admired the “advanced” cosplayers, who clearly knew what they were doing when making their cosplay (unlike us, haha).

Saturday, 20th May

This day was a bit more planned – we already knew the area and were a bit confident about ourselves. This day I cosplayed Misa Amane and I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I met people cosplaying other characters from Death Note. I felt like I was a part of something magical, if this makes sense.

Because Misa and Junko are well-known characters, we were stopped all the time by people who wanted a photo – both with us or of us. We felt like children on Christmas Day. It was our first con and our cosplays weren’t perfect, after all. And yet people thought we were kawaii and admired our work. (My sis posts our cosplay photos on Cosplay Amino and people are so lovely there – they all love our stuff.)

The buzzkill of this day was the fact that there was a concert of Kiss band right next to the exhibition centre. And so, Brno was full of the fans – mostly slimy men you’d want to avoid, unfortunately. We went outside of the exhibition centre to get some food and had to face the fact that every. Effin. One. Of these men was staring at our bums or boobs. Which would by quite fine if only they wouldn’t be so damn obvious about it. And in addition to all of this mess, they just wouldn’t shut up and had to comment what they saw. Of course I would normally say something back, but I was too afraid that they would “take action” and wouldn’t leave us alone. And having my sister with me, I just couldn’t afford this.
Fortunately we went our separate ways, but let me tell you, I was SO ANGRY. There is no reason to stare and comment a woman’s (or even man’s!) body out loud when she can bloody hear you! I was in the mood to kick some ass in that moment… (Sorry for the language.)

On the happier note: I met the perfect Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster from Fairy Tail! Of course I had to take a photo of them – they even did the typical pose for me! I can’t describe my excitement with words, haha. Then I met even Juvia, Erza, Lucy, Happy, Wendy and MYSTOGAN! Eeeeeek! (I am obsessed with this anime.)

The thing I loved as well was the piano in the middle of the exhibition centre. Someone would always play it and cosplayers stopped to sing together. It created cosy atmosphere and we all felt like we knew each other for a long time, even though it was the first time we saw each other’s faces…

Sunday, 21st May

On the one hand I felt relieved I could wear “normal clothes” for once – I set a goal of taking photo with all of my favourite cosplayers, now that my appearance is all me. And so I did! The only one I couldn’t find that day was The Arrow. 😦

My sis was a little surprised she was recognised as Fuwa a few times, because the anime Shimoneta isn’t really well-known.

This day was also a day of free hugs (at least for my sister, I tried to hold back, but the huggers always got me anyway, haha). There was one guy dressed in black, having a black ski mask and holding a sign that sayed “SPIRIT OF METAL, FREE HUGS” and every time someone hugged him he screamed “METAL” really loud. It was precious, haha.

Being this the last day of AnimeFest, we did some shopping – I bought three Fairy Tail pins and a Fairy Tail necklace. My sis bought herself some pins as well, two Death the Kid rings and even three posters. The next thing we invested in was four wig caps – really useful and comfortable, which can’t be said about the swimming caps we used till that day… And we had to try Pocky and mochi, of course. (Delicious.)

We left the con at about three o’clock (it was about to end at four), exhausted because the lack of sleep, all the walking and hot weather, but happy. I can say that we are already working on our cosplays for the AnimeFest 2018, haha. (Our big dream is to visit some foreign con, in UK for example! But that’s a long way to go.)

I hope you liked the photos and the post itself! I’d like to thank all the professional photographers, who were so kind and took a few photos of us. I’ll leave their Facebook pages below.

Have a wonderful day! (I’m really happy I’m back to blogging again!)

Photo Credit:


Petr Riedl FOTO

Focus Felis

AnimeFest 2017

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