Vysmáté Léto | Music Festival

Last Saturday me and my best friend Veronika (you may know her previously as wondervonnie) were at a music festival called “Vysmáté Léto” (rough translation “Laughed Summer”), which took place in Kadaň here in Czech Republic. Veronika got the two tickets from her parents as a birthday present and she was so incredibly kind to invite me to experience this adventure with her! (We’ve never been to a music festival before!)

There were plenty of bands and singers to provide the entertainment – a few of them being well-known Czech bands (such as Mandrage, Xindl X or No Name). The rest we either didn’t know at all or were familiar with their existence, not with their music. Of course I took a few photos and determined to write a blog post about this special day!

Right before we entered the gates. Makeup on point! (For now anyway, haha.)

We travelled by a train and got there at about 11 o’clock am. However, the festival itself started at 9:30 am, so we entered the area right when a singer called Sebastian was on stage. I didn’t know much about him, only that he was a quite famous Czech singer. I knew only one of his songs – it was the one which „got him famous“, if you know what I mean, and everybody has already heard it at least once; you can check it out here.


Even though I didn’t know him, I really enjoyed the performance. Sebastian’s songs are nice to listen to, the lyrics are beautiful, the music as well. I think I’m going to sit down some time and listen to his pieces, because he is definitely worth it.


After the performance there was a little bit of time for taking photos with the artist and his guitarist and drummer. We wanted to take a photo with all of them at once, but the area was so crowded we were fully content with the one photo with Sebastian we managed to take. (I mean, the one he managed to take, because we were too awkward and clumsy to take a simple selfie, so we borrowed him the phone so he could do it. You can view the photo here on my Instagram account.)

There was about half an hour time gap between the performances, so we took that time to get ourselves something to drink. The go to beverage was malinovka (raspberry soda, invention of the Czech people, you’re welcome) – you can find it everywhere at these events.

Kind of photobombed by this family in the background haha!

We explored a bit, but soon we had to return to another performance, being Mandrage. (Pronounced [mandraʒe].) Mandrage is a well-known Czech band from which I know a few songs. I’ve never listened to it on purpose, but I sometimes hear it on the radio. I must say I didn’t enjoy the performance as much, because I heard most of the songs for the first time and so I wasn’t able to feel the mood of the crowd. All I could do was listen to the unknown and say “yeah, I like this one!”. That of course doesn’t mean they were bad, just the opposite. The frontman was acting silly all the time, which was hilarious. And Veronika was amazed by the band, so that’s cool!


Then was the time to actually look around. There were three stages: Pop Stage, Rock Stage and Fun Stage. The Pop and Rock Stages were quite obvious, but what was new was the Fun Stage. Practically it was a separate stage for YouTube guests – there were few Czech YouTubers, which I’ve never heard of, but they’re known in this country, I guess. To be honest, I found their content very not-my-style and so we didn’t spend much time in that area.
There were also lots of stands selling various stuff – food, drinks (both non- and alcoholic), merchandise etc.


The last singing performance we were keen on was Xindl X. Xindl X is very very famous here. I quite like his songs, they are on the radio all the time, so I knew almost all of them and I could sing and fangirl during his show. (Finally!) He was very funny and although some of his pieces aren’t really my cup of tea, I loved the show and applauded with excitement after every one of the songs.

Xindl X

The only thing bad about that day was the heat. 30°C is nice when you are by the pool, sipping on an iced coffee or something and sunbathing or reading a book. But not for a music festival. And in addition, Veronika didn’t use a sunscreen in the morning, so her skin looked like a nice ripe tomato after a few hours. And that was one of the reasons we had to take off earlier than expected (half past six or something); the heat was getting unbearable and we were exhausted.

Dying of overheating; excuse the ugliness, we were flippin sweaty and all the fabulous makeup has already faded – except my minimalist festival face paint, wow!

On our way out I asked Veronika if I could borrow her Italian student book (I had a final exam a few days after). She came up with this brilliant idea of giving me a music quiz, which I had to pass in order to be able to borrow her book. There was a Lyric Round, when she told me a few lyrics and I had to fill in the missing word; then there was a Trivia Round – a classic trivia question about music. I had so much fun, haha. We even continued to quiz each other, just for fun. However, this time not about music, but about films and series.

To sum it all up: This was my first ever music festival! I enjoyed it so much – I loved the performances, the area, the food and the drinks. (The heat not as much, but hey, what are you gonna do, right?) The atmosphere was super-cool as well. I am considering buying tickets for the next Vysmáté Léto as well!

Vysmáté léto PIN

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