My name is Nanda. What a weird name, you may say. Maybe, but it’s not my actual name anyway.
I am 19 years old (but only if you read this in 2016, otherwise I’m a bit older :)) and I was born here, in Czech Republic. They say the only beverage we drink is beer and that we are also very pessimistic.
Well, I guess that’s true. I don’t like beer, though.
Why aren’t we known for something better than alcohol drinking and bad personality trait? Imagine how cool would it be to hear “Yeah, Czech people. I’ve heard about them. They are so generous and friendly and make the best vanilla ice cream in the whole world.”. Well, reality must be accepted, I’m afraid.

I have always enjoyed writing and blogging. I created my first blog when I was about 10 years old. It sucked and no one read my posts. I deleted it. Two years later I created a new one. And I deleted it after three months. This repeated thousand times. And now I’m here. Hopefully it lasts a bit longer than my previous attempts to blog.

I like all these “girly” things like shopping, clothes, makeup or home decor. Besides that, BOOKS. I’ve been visiting public library since I was a child. I have my own library in my room and a “books I have to read before I die” list and all that. Another thing is that I do enjoy cooking and baking, but that’s quite new. Also I am not as skilled in baking as my best friend wondervonnie, not at all.

These are pretty much the topics you’ll read about on my website. The plan is to write new post twice a week, but if I manage to write only once a week, it will be quite a success. So, I hope you’ll like it.

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