My name is Natalie, but the majority of my friends and family calls me Nanda. I gained this nickname in my childhood sort of by an accident, but it got attached to me and I quite like it.
I am a girl in her twenties from Czech Republic, currently living in Brno. I study German and Italian Philology at Masaryk University in Brno. I love reading, photographing, tea and vanilla ice cream.

This blog is fulfilling my need to express myself and to share my everyday life with others. The topics I am interested in the most are books, makeup, fitness, travelling and of course my beloved Rhodesian Ridgebacks. But you’ll also find there posts about food, fashion, films or some advice and ideas that came to my mind.

I would like to clarify, that I am no professional blogger. I don’t get paid for blogging (sure wish I did, but baby steps, guys, baby steps) – I don’t even have my own domain! Blogging is only a hobby for me and I think it will stay that way for a quite decent amount of years.

I am glad you are visiting my website. Enjoy your stay!

Your Natalie

You can contact me here:


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