The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Friends

This is the third and also the last part of my mini series, where I suggest activities you can do in your free time. If you’re interested, you can read my previous articles, which were adjusted for alone time and dating.
This time I’m concentrating on friendship – a big or small group of friends or just one or two of your best friends. I hope you can gain some inspiration from this. :)

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The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // On a Date

I previously wrote the perfect Sunday post, concentrating on alone time (you can read it here). But of course plenty of you (including me) have your significant other, who they love, admire and who they want to spend some quality time with. And sometimes it can be difficult to actually find time to be together, so you want to make sure the “program” of your date is enjoyable and unforgettable. And again I’ve come up with some ideas on what you could do on a date.

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The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Alone Time

Hi! Recently I was thinking about what would a perfect weekend day look like. I guess we all have a “perfect Sunday” picture in our heads – doing what we like the most or being with someone special to us. But I think that’s too general (and obvious as well). I’m talking about something more specific than this.

I realized it would be impossible to do everything you’d like to do in one day. It just won’t fit. And in addition, it won’t even go together, because I imagine you like to do many different things with different people, which require many different places to go to. So you’d have to create like these scenarios, which would essentially turn out to be completely different days…

This sounds quite insane, and yes, I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot, haha. I divided my perfect Sundays into a few plans, depending on the mood, place and number of people included. I suppose they could give you some hint at what you could do at the weekend.

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Relax Your Mind with ASMR | Advice

Everyone needs to relax. To get lost a bit. Letting your thoughts scatter and just turning off for a while will make you feel so much better. I’d have to know, because I always find time for myself during the day. Even if it’s only ten minutes. But it’s my time – no school, no chores, no “what I need to do after”, just me.

This time, although it may seem like it, is not wasted. Just the opposite: it helps you recharge, brighten your mood and better the concentration. So it’s especially useful when you’re learning for finals (like I did) or when you need to work efficiently.

I realize people prefer different ways of relaxation. They listen to music, read, write, sleep or do yoga. And one of them is also something called ASMR.

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Lifesaving Handbag Kit | Advice

Hi! We all know that not all ladies can survive without their handbag. Our boyfriends are always like “jesus, WHAT are you keeping in there?!” when we ask them to hold it for a few seconds. Oh come on, it’s not THAT heavy.

But sure, when someone has a headache, blister, loose button, dirty hands or unexpected period, we are there to save them. Because that’s what we do – we are ready for everything. Almost.

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Glasses vs. Contacts | Advice

Hi! Did you know that more than 60 percent of the population uses some sort of vision correction? That means more than 4.5 billion of people uses glasses, contact lenses or other vision correction products. It is also known that there are more women using these than men. The most used vision correcting product are definitely glasses, comparing to contact lenses. I have experience with both of them and I’d like to give you some advice…

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