I’m coming for you, Dresden! | Primark Haul


Last Tuesday I was at Primark. Aaagain. It wasn’t my initiative, but my mum’s. She was very excited about the pieces I bought the last time and she said she wanted to “check it out”. So, we checked it out.
We went for a train, because there’s one really reasonable ticket for 2 to 5 people from our district to Dresden, blah blah. There weren’t five of us, though – me, my mum, lil’ sister and my cousin (a girl). The ride was fine, we didn’t have to wait for long and I led them to Primark without anything bad happening. (For example having to ask people about the way to Primark in German, haha. The not funny thing about it would be that I am the only one who can speak German and so it would have to be me who asks. #Anxiety)

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Double Shopping Time! | Clothing Haul

Hi! This post was supposed to be Prague clothing haul, but it turned out we were shopping a short time after again and I didn’t feel like writing two different posts. Besides I bought “only” three items in Prague and other two here in my home town, which isn’t a lot for two haul posts. So, enjoy this double shopping time!

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Feeling like a model | Primark Lookbook

Hi! I created a Primark Lookbook, as I promised before. Everything I wear was bought at Primark in Dresden (except shoes and earrings, them I already had). I hope you’ll enjoy the photos! :) (Btw, I didn’t use any filters or photoshop – the photos are just how they were taken.)

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First time at Primark! | Primark Haul

Hi! I’m here with Primark Haul I promised you in the last post of mine. Firstly, there won’t be much of it, because I decided to separate clothing from non-clothing things and write two different posts. So don’t you worry, there will be more. ;)

I went for this trip with my two close friends. We traveled by train to Dresden (Germany), because there is the nearest Primark. We don’t have any in Czech Republic, yet. I hope it changes, because I love it.

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