Iced coffee

The summer here in Czech Republic starts in late May, but temperature is only about 20°C. The real summer with boiling hot weather, however, begins in July and continues in August. During these months it’s good to spend time by the swimming pool, eating slices of watermelon and drinking cool beverages. I’ve been lately loving iced coffee – it’s quick, tasty and the ingredients can be found in every household. Check the recipe below.

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Tiki Death Punch

Tiki Death Punch is an alcoholic beverage, which you may have seen in Friends series (episode 4 of season 1 “The One With George Stephanopoulos”). It’s easy to prepare and the ingredients are at reasonable price. However, I’ve read that there is no specific recipe for this beverage and it was made up just for the sake of Friends. When you search for “Tiki Death Punch”, you’ll find many customised recipes made by fans.

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