What I Love about Spring

Spring is not my most favourite season of the year, but yet I find it very pleasant. The nature is waking up from a long long sleep and everything seems suddenly alive. And it’s the transformation I am so fascinated by…

The days are much longer than they are in winter and there’s light outside when you wake up. This is very important to me, because it makes starting a new day much easier. Waking up in winter means waking up to darkness. It leaves me with the feeling it’s still night and I should be asleep, only that it’s 8 o’clock in the morning.

The sun is shining more and more and it’s starting to get warmer as well. I can enjoy my walks in a park again, which I’ve missed during the winter. I also love to hear the birds singing. It’s the type of sound that makes you smile somehow and your day gets immediately better.

I didn’t realise how much I’ve loved the sight of fresh grass growing. I walked home from school and I was passing a block of flats and in front of it there was a square of dirt with the fresh grass. It was so bright green and tiny and adorable in a way.
You can also notice first flowers growing, especially at parks. And not only wild flowers are to recognise, but also cut flowers in flower shops. My mum bought me a tiny flower in a glass to look after at the halls of residence and it makes the room so much brighter and a happier place.

The next thing I really appreciate after the winter’s gone is the change of wardrobe. I can wear skirts and lighter clothes again, not having to put on as much as possible so as not to freeze my bottom off. And that’s bringing to mind pastels. I love pastels, they seem so refreshing and cute. Especially pastel green, but I also love the blues, yellows and pinks. Orange is pretty as well.
I also love floral designs on clothing. And I noticed there’s a huge amount of yellow on women’s clothing lately, so maybe I’m going to please myself with a piece. 🙂

The last thing I wanted to mention, and it is probably the most important one, is that people are suddenly very happy. They greet you with a smile and are so nice to you, which makes you be nice to them and everybody is nice and happy and I love it. I don’t know if it’s only in spring or what, but I’d like it to be that way during all the seasons. It makes life so much better.

Have a beautiful day! oo

It’s a bit weird,

but I don’t think I have a favourite colour. I mean, EVERYONE has one. It’s a simple but also important piece of information you can give someone. If you know their favourite colour, you are considered to be close with this person.

Sadly for others, I can’t really answer the question “what is your favourite colour”. At least from now, because last week I would say it’s green without hesitating. Green has always been my favourite colour. Especially mint green or pastel green. And I would probably choose this colour among the others, but that’s just because it stuck with me for the longest time. I like the others as well. I mean, I love red, pink, gold, brown, orange, blue,…  They’re just all pretty and have multiple uses – some are better on clothes, some on walls, some on food,… I mean, I said I’ve always liked mint green, nevertheless I wouldn’t ever wear it on my body. I’m just not a fan. BUT, I own a pencil case in mint green and I would never trade it for a one of different colour.

That’s the thing – you can customise them as your eyes wish. That’s why I can’t choose a favourite. And I don’t want to privilege mint green, because I love all my children the same way. (Except purple. Purple is one spoiled child I don’t like as much.) So, I hate to make it difficult for you, but if you ask me what my favourite colour is, I must answer “all of them (except purple)”.