I’m Officially a Freshman! | Brno, Czech Republic

Hi! If you follow me on Snapchat (nandaisapanda), you’ve probably noticed that I traveled to Brno recently (20th – 22nd July). It was because of the enrolment for my uni – I had to be there personally and sign a few papers and hear out some info about the studies. And since Brno is located over the whole country (5-hour journey by bus), my mum had a brilliant idea to make the most out of it. So I grabbed my boyfriend and we went on a short holiday. 🙂

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One-Day Family Trip | Northwest Bohemia

Hi! We were on a short family trip with my mum, dad and Bayonne the dog (lil’ sister was absent) to locations within an hour-long drive from our holiday house. We visited some nice places and I wanted to bring you the photos I took. Enjoy!

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The Mother of Cities | Prague, Czech Republic

I have been to Prague several times, but never really seen it. The only reason to go there was always shopping, watching movies at the cinema etc. I have never seen Prague as a city with great culture and awesome places to visit. (I know, shame on me, never really visiting the capital of my country.) Well, guess what. This Friday I finally did.

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