Hi! I recently started using the #YOURSTYLEYOURMOOD Pro Palette by Collection. It was given to me as a Christmas present by Vonnie, which made me very happy, because it’s something new, something unexplored for me (she bought it in Glasgow, where she attends local university; and we simply don’t have anything like Boots or Superdrug in here, haha), so I was very excited to try it. And I must say, it’s gorgeous…

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Catrice Cosmetics & Dermacol Concealer | First Impression

Hi! Recently I bought two different concealers. Normally I would purchase the Liquid Camouflage Concealer by Catrice Cosmetics, but it was sold out at that moment. So I was like “ok, why not try something completely new?”.

At that time I thought I preferred liquid concealers to the ones in stick, but these two babies proved me wrong. I honestly love the Liquid Camouflage Concealer, because it’s easy to apply, easy to blend and it gives you nice coverage. So I was quite surprised when these two solid concealers actually exceeded my expectations.

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Sparkly Summer Look | Makeup Tutorial

Hi! Summer is already here and that means my (and yours probably too) makeup routine has to change a little. The layers have to be thinner, the colours lighter.
So, this is one way how to do your makeup in summer and how I personally do it (most of the time). Draw the inspiration and get creative!

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I’m coming for you, Dresden! | Primark Haul


Last Tuesday I was at Primark. Aaagain. It wasn’t my initiative, but my mum’s. She was very excited about the pieces I bought the last time and she said she wanted to “check it out”. So, we checked it out.
We went for a train, because there’s one really reasonable ticket for 2 to 5 people from our district to Dresden, blah blah. There weren’t five of us, though – me, my mum, lil’ sister and my cousin (a girl). The ride was fine, we didn’t have to wait for long and I led them to Primark without anything bad happening. (For example having to ask people about the way to Primark in German, haha. The not funny thing about it would be that I am the only one who can speak German and so it would have to be me who asks. #Anxiety)

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Double Shopping Time! | Clothing Haul

Hi! This post was supposed to be Prague clothing haul, but it turned out we were shopping a short time after again and I didn’t feel like writing two different posts. Besides I bought “only” three items in Prague and other two here in my home town, which isn’t a lot for two haul posts. So, enjoy this double shopping time!

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Boho Makeup Look | Makeup Tutorial

Hi! So, I’ve been thinking what my next post will be about and since I’m lately in this girly-makeup-beauty mood, I thought it would be nice to post some makeup tutorial for you guys. And since I’m lately also liking boho style, this tutorial will be all in the boho. It’s also the look I wore in the Primark Lookbok photos (check it out here). All the products I’m using are reviewed in my previous post here. Enjoy!

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What’s in my makeup bag | Makeup Review

When I was younger, I wasn‘t interested in makeup whatsoever. I was rather boy-like girl – All I ever put on was a pair of jeans and any of my boring T-shirts, makeup was a waste of time, skirts and tights were something unacceptable for me and all love stories were lies. As I was slowly growing up, I abandoned some of these „rules“. I started using concealer (because puberty – spots and pimples all over my face), later even mascara. Then I started using face powder, eyeshadows, and so on and so on. And now I’m here, with makeup bag full of goodies.

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