They are growing fast! | Puppies

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the puppies are doing really well, their weight is mostly around 1 kilo. They can open their eyes now and they’re starting to see! However, they can only distinguish light from dark yet. In addition they are sniffing around, getting to know their surroundings. And some of them are even barking a bit! So cute! ^^

Furry Little Beasts | Puppies

Hi! So, I have some exciting news for you! I am kind of late, because it would have been “news” a week ago, but: Last Wednesday my doggie Bayonne gave birth! Read more for the whole story…

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A Week of Dog- and Sistersitting

Hi! I spent the last week in my family’s holiday house, along with my boyfriend, lil’ sister and two dogs (mine – Bayonne, and my boyfriend’s – Peggy). My parents went on a holiday for that week and I was to take care of Bayonne (and lil’ sister, haha). I invited my boyfriend to stay for the week, who brought his dog as well. All five of us were having so much fun. :) I wanted to share some photos we took…

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Visiting Nové Hrady Chateau | Luže, Czech Republic – Day 2/3

Yesterday was 30°C, but today’s temperature lowered to 17°C with rain. The journey we planned for today was from our cottage to Polanka cottage to have a lunch there and then continue to Nové Hrady town, where a great chateau with beautiful gardens is located.

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