The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // On a Date

I previously wrote the perfect Sunday post, concentrating on alone time (you can read it here). But of course plenty of you (including me) have your significant other, who they love, admire and who they want to spend some quality time with. And sometimes it can be difficult to actually find time to be together, so you want to make sure the “program” of your date is enjoyable and unforgettable. And again I’ve come up with some ideas on what you could do on a date.

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A Week of Dog- and Sistersitting

Hi! I spent the last week in my family’s holiday house, along with my boyfriend, lil’ sister and two dogs (mine – Bayonne, and my boyfriend’s – Peggy). My parents went on a holiday for that week and I was to take care of Bayonne (and lil’ sister, haha). I invited my boyfriend to stay for the week, who brought his dog as well. All five of us were having so much fun. :) I wanted to share some photos we took…

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Tea Shop and Long Walk | Dating

Hi! Yesterday was a date day. I planned a date with my boyfriend, because lately I felt the urge of doing something amusing, something we haven’t done for such a long time. I took a bunch of photos of our day – see below.

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I’m Officially a Freshman! | Brno, Czech Republic

Hi! If you follow me on Snapchat (nandaisapanda), you’ve probably noticed that I traveled to Brno recently (20th – 22nd July). It was because of the enrolment for my uni – I had to be there personally and sign a few papers and hear out some info about the studies. And since Brno is located over the whole country (5-hour journey by bus), my mum had a brilliant idea to make the most out of it. So I grabbed my boyfriend and we went on a short holiday. :)

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Picnic and Friends with Boyfriend

Today me and my boyfriend had a really great time having kind of a fake picnic. It was supposed to be outside, but it was quite cold and cloudy outside so we had to enjoy the food inside.
As you can see in the photo, I made some sandwiches, prepared fruit salad, cold drinks, vegetables, kiwis and olives. I planned to prepare more and I’m glad I didn’t, because even now I have leftovers.

I loved today, we were eating, chatting and watching Friends at the same time and it was just the best. :)

The Mother of Cities | Prague, Czech Republic

I have been to Prague several times, but never really seen it. The only reason to go there was always shopping, watching movies at the cinema etc. I have never seen Prague as a city with great culture and awesome places to visit. (I know, shame on me, never really visiting the capital of my country.) Well, guess what. This Friday I finally did.

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