The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Friends

This is the third and also the last part of my mini series, where I suggest activities you can do in your free time. If you’re interested, you can read my previous articles, which were adjusted for alone time and dating.
This time I’m concentrating on friendship – a big or small group of friends or just one or two of your best friends. I hope you can gain some inspiration from this. :)

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The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Alone Time

Hi! Recently I was thinking about what would a perfect weekend day look like. I guess we all have a “perfect Sunday” picture in our heads – doing what we like the most or being with someone special to us. But I think that’s too general (and obvious as well). I’m talking about something more specific than this.

I realized it would be impossible to do everything you’d like to do in one day. It just won’t fit. And in addition, it won’t even go together, because I imagine you like to do many different things with different people, which require many different places to go to. So you’d have to create like these scenarios, which would essentially turn out to be completely different days…

This sounds quite insane, and yes, I’ve been thinking about this quite a lot, haha. I divided my perfect Sundays into a few plans, depending on the mood, place and number of people included. I suppose they could give you some hint at what you could do at the weekend.

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A Day with Me

Hi! I’ve been writing these kind of useful posts, which are concentrating on some specific topic, for a while now. Last Thursday I released the Spaghetti Carbonara post and before that I made a makeup tutorial. And don’t get me wrong, I love writing this kind of posts and I enjoy reading them myself, but I thought I would write something more casual this time, just for a change. So I decided my next post would be a diary log. Sort of. And Sunday seemed just perfect for this purpose.

I hope this article will bring you some peace and relax your mind, because you don’t have to concentrate on reading too much this time, haha. :)

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Uni Notebooks | Stationery Haul

Hi! Yesterday I went to local shopping centre to buy some notebooks, because I’ll need to be organised at the university. I never really cared about my notebooks, what they look like and how thick or thin they are. But, since university is quite a big deal for me, I decided to buy pretty, good quality notebooks to start a new chapter of my life.

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Barbie Girl | Makeup Challenge

Hi! So, I’ve searched up some themes I could use for this challenge (50, to be specific) and I asked my boyfriend to pick a random number from this list. It was 27, in case you’re curious, and the theme Barbie Girl (as the title says).
First I was quite freaked out, because come on, Barbie? I’m brunette, short AND have green eyes. But then, when I actually was doing the makeup, I really enjoyed the way I looked. I figured out that pink goes very well with my eye colour, actually.

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I’m coming for you, Dresden! | Primark Haul


Last Tuesday I was at Primark. Aaagain. It wasn’t my initiative, but my mum’s. She was very excited about the pieces I bought the last time and she said she wanted to “check it out”. So, we checked it out.
We went for a train, because there’s one really reasonable ticket for 2 to 5 people from our district to Dresden, blah blah. There weren’t five of us, though – me, my mum, lil’ sister and my cousin (a girl). The ride was fine, we didn’t have to wait for long and I led them to Primark without anything bad happening. (For example having to ask people about the way to Primark in German, haha. The not funny thing about it would be that I am the only one who can speak German and so it would have to be me who asks. #Anxiety)

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Double Shopping Time! | Clothing Haul

Hi! This post was supposed to be Prague clothing haul, but it turned out we were shopping a short time after again and I didn’t feel like writing two different posts. Besides I bought “only” three items in Prague and other two here in my home town, which isn’t a lot for two haul posts. So, enjoy this double shopping time!

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