What I Love about Spring

Spring is not my most favourite season of the year, but yet I find it very pleasant. The nature is waking up from a long long sleep and everything seems suddenly alive. And it’s the transformation I am so fascinated by…

The days are much longer than they are in winter and there’s light outside when you wake up. This is very important to me, because it makes starting a new day much easier. Waking up in winter means waking up to darkness. It leaves me with the feeling it’s still night and I should be asleep, only that it’s 8 o’clock in the morning.

The sun is shining more and more and it’s starting to get warmer as well. I can enjoy my walks in a park again, which I’ve missed during the winter. I also love to hear the birds singing. It’s the type of sound that makes you smile somehow and your day gets immediately better.

I didn’t realise how much I’ve loved the sight of fresh grass growing. I walked home from school and I was passing a block of flats and in front of it there was a square of dirt with the fresh grass. It was so bright green and tiny and adorable in a way.
You can also notice first flowers growing, especially at parks. And not only wild flowers are to recognise, but also cut flowers in flower shops. My mum bought me a tiny flower in a glass to look after at the halls of residence and it makes the room so much brighter and a happier place.

The next thing I really appreciate after the winter’s gone is the change of wardrobe. I can wear skirts and lighter clothes again, not having to put on as much as possible so as not to freeze my bottom off. And that’s bringing to mind pastels. I love pastels, they seem so refreshing and cute. Especially pastel green, but I also love the blues, yellows and pinks. Orange is pretty as well.
I also love floral designs on clothing. And I noticed there’s a huge amount of yellow on women’s clothing lately, so maybe I’m going to please myself with a piece. :)

The last thing I wanted to mention, and it is probably the most important one, is that people are suddenly very happy. They greet you with a smile and are so nice to you, which makes you be nice to them and everybody is nice and happy and I love it. I don’t know if it’s only in spring or what, but I’d like it to be that way during all the seasons. It makes life so much better.

Have a beautiful day! oo

Tea Shop and Long Walk | Dating

Hi! Yesterday was a date day. I planned a date with my boyfriend, because lately I felt the urge of doing something amusing, something we haven’t done for such a long time. I took a bunch of photos of our day – see below.

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Fresh Flowers on the Table | Me & My Dog

Yesterday I went for a walk with my doggie again, this time without my lil’ sister. I took a different road, because it was raining the day before and the path along the river was wet and muddy because of it.
We walked by the fields of wheat and barley and enjoyed the picturesque view of the ruins of Hazmburg. It was rather cloudy and first it looked like it could start pouring down, but luckily it didn’t.
On the way back I got an idea of bringing home fresh meadow flowers. I picked some beautiful flowers and arranged them into a bouquet. Mum was happy about me bringing the flowers and put them into a glass jug. They are on our wooden table in the garden right now and look amazing.

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The Mother of Cities | Prague, Czech Republic

I have been to Prague several times, but never really seen it. The only reason to go there was always shopping, watching movies at the cinema etc. I have never seen Prague as a city with great culture and awesome places to visit. (I know, shame on me, never really visiting the capital of my country.) Well, guess what. This Friday I finally did.

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Visiting Nové Hrady Chateau | Luže, Czech Republic – Day 2/3

Yesterday was 30°C, but today’s temperature lowered to 17°C with rain. The journey we planned for today was from our cottage to Polanka cottage to have a lunch there and then continue to Nové Hrady town, where a great chateau with beautiful gardens is located.

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