The Idea of a Perfect Sunday // Friends

This is the third and also the last part of my mini series, where I suggest activities you can do in your free time. If you’re interested, you can read my previous articles, which were adjusted for alone time and dating.
This time I’m concentrating on friendship – a big or small group of friends or just one or two of your best friends. I hope you can gain some inspiration from this. :)

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July favourites

Hi! I know it’s 16th of August and it’s probably late for July favourites. But still, even though it took me so long to write this post, I want to share with you things I’ve been enjoying a lot. (There’s a lot of cosmetics.)

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Not really a slumber party

On last Friday (5th February) me and my best friend wondervonnie finally realized an “overnight stay” at my place, which we had planned for a long time ago. I wouldn’t call it slumber party, because it was quite far from that and I imagine my real slumber party to be cool and awesome. By this I don’t want to criticize this not-really-slumber-party, because I did enjoy it a lot. Continue reading Not really a slumber party