Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

Hey guys and happy Valentine’s Day! Today I have a Valentine’s Day makeup look for you, which could give you some inspiration, if you’re about to go somewhere tomorrow – alone, with BFFs or with partner, doesn’t matter. :)

I realise many people hate Valentine’s Day, either because they consider it too commercial or they’re not in the relationship at the moment; and that I completely understand. However, I belong to the group of people who love (or at least like) Valentine’s Day. Sure, it is commercial and these things, but I think it’s also a good opportunity to spend some romantic time with your significant other (or with whomever you like to). We live in a busy world and hence we often forget to slow down and enjoy ourselves. And unfortunately even Valentine’s Day isn’t the opportunity these days – I am not a fan of expensive presents like jewellery or else, which are very common to give, because people for some reason think that the more expensive present the more joy it brings. Rubbish. I would be much more excited when my boyfriend would say “Hey, I got you these sweets and this flower, because I know you love it.”, because that means more than some expensive jewellery – he knows it’s my favourite and got it for me. And that’s love, haha.

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Barbie Girl | Makeup Challenge

Hi! So, I’ve searched up some themes I could use for this challenge (50, to be specific) and I asked my boyfriend to pick a random number from this list. It was 27, in case you’re curious, and the theme Barbie Girl (as the title says).
First I was quite freaked out, because come on, Barbie? I’m brunette, short AND have green eyes. But then, when I actually was doing the makeup, I really enjoyed the way I looked. I figured out that pink goes very well with my eye colour, actually.

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Boho Makeup Look | Makeup Tutorial

Hi! So, I’ve been thinking what my next post will be about and since I’m lately in this girly-makeup-beauty mood, I thought it would be nice to post some makeup tutorial for you guys. And since I’m lately also liking boho style, this tutorial will be all in the boho. It’s also the look I wore in the Primark Lookbok photos (check it out here). All the products I’m using are reviewed in my previous post here. Enjoy!

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