Waterproof Makeup Test

Hi! Some of the makeup products I use are said to be waterproof. I don’t normally wear makeup when I know my face is going to get wet, because I never trusted this “waterproof” label. However, I thought it would be quite fun to test it, so me and wondervonnie went to the public swimming pool, this time with makeup on.

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Tea Shop and Long Walk | Dating

Hi! Yesterday was a date day. I planned a date with my boyfriend, because lately I felt the urge of doing something amusing, something we haven’t done for such a long time. I took a bunch of photos of our day – see below.

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I’m Officially a Freshman! | Brno, Czech Republic

Hi! If you follow me on Snapchat (nandaisapanda), you’ve probably noticed that I traveled to Brno recently (20th – 22nd July). It was because of the enrolment for my uni – I had to be there personally and sign a few papers and hear out some info about the studies. And since Brno is located over the whole country (5-hour journey by bus), my mum had a brilliant idea to make the most out of it. So I grabbed my boyfriend and we went on a short holiday. :)

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Double Shopping Time! | Clothing Haul

Hi! This post was supposed to be Prague clothing haul, but it turned out we were shopping a short time after again and I didn’t feel like writing two different posts. Besides I bought “only” three items in Prague and other two here in my home town, which isn’t a lot for two haul posts. So, enjoy this double shopping time!

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