The Evil Queen Makeup Tutorial | Collab w/ wondervonnie

Hi! This post is very exciting, because I did a collaboration with wondervonnie!

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List of Makeup Products I Use

Hi! So I decided to write a list of makeup products I use in all the makeup tutorials posted. I feel like it adds some of the organisation to things. From now on, every time I post a makeup tutorial, I’m going to leave a link to this post, where you can read which particular products I used.

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Boho Makeup Look | Makeup Tutorial

Hi! So, I’ve been thinking what my next post will be about and since I’m lately in this girly-makeup-beauty mood, I thought it would be nice to post some makeup tutorial for you guys. And since I’m lately also liking boho style, this tutorial will be all in the boho. It’s also the look I wore in the Primark Lookbok photos (check it out here). All the products I’m using are reviewed in my previous post here. Enjoy!

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What’s in my makeup bag | Makeup Review

When I was younger, I wasn‘t interested in makeup whatsoever. I was rather boy-like girl – All I ever put on was a pair of jeans and any of my boring T-shirts, makeup was a waste of time, skirts and tights were something unacceptable for me and all love stories were lies. As I was slowly growing up, I abandoned some of these „rules“. I started using concealer (because puberty – spots and pimples all over my face), later even mascara. Then I started using face powder, eyeshadows, and so on and so on. And now I’m here, with makeup bag full of goodies.

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