Spaghetti Carbonara

Hi! I love Italian cuisine and Spaghetti Carbonara are one of my most favourite meals ever. It’s quick and easy and DELICIOUS. I don’t go to uni till 20th February, so I have plenty opportunities to cook. And I decided to share with you the recipe for the best pasta ever…

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Chicken tortillas

Hi! Normally I don’t prepare some amazing meals, because it’s just for me, so I just get it over with and make myself something super-easy and also super-boring. But hey, it’s edible. However, I really enjoy cooking for someone else. And since my boyfriend visited me last weekend here in Brno, I thought I could make us chicken tortillas for lunch. It’s quick and super-easy, but also delicious and not at all boring. In fact, it was quite fun, because we prepared it together. And cooking with someone else is always fun. :)

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Rice with Tofu and Veg | Vegan Meal

Hi! Although I’m not a vegan (I love cheese too much for that), I occasionally treat myself with vegan food. There’s nothing wrong about vegan food – it both looks and tastes very good. And it’s also a pleasant change, when you don’t want to eat anything heavy on your stomach. Here’s a tip on what you can prepare yourself. I present you my today’s lunch…

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Fruity Muffins

My best friend wondervonnie posted a baking recipe (check it out here), where she made these delicious healthy muffins with berries. They looked so tasty I decided to get inspired by this yum yum and bake my own.

However, I didn’t really follow her recipe, because I realised I didn’t have all of the ingredients she’s using. :(

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Lasagna the “My Way”

Hi! So, if you’ve read my previous post When Fear Controls My Body, you know that I’m making lasagna today! Lasagna is one of my big loves in terms of dishes. It’s an Italian pasta meal and there are some proper ingredients which are supposed to be included (such as large flat-shaped pasta, which is in one piece and creates a whole layer itself), but I want to show you the MY WAY of preparing this deliciousness (so you won’t see any large flat pasta, I’m sorry).

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Waffles with Yummy Stuff

I love waffles. They are like pancakes, but maybe even better. Good for breakfast or snack or when you just have a sweet tooth and need to eat something delicious right here, right now. I used to eat packed waffles made in factory, but they have a strange taste (and that’s probably because they are made to last long, but still) and I’ve had enough of them, so I started to bake them at home, nice and fresh. I have a time-proven recipe, which never failed me, check it out below.

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Iced coffee

The summer here in Czech Republic starts in late May, but temperature is only about 20°C. The real summer with boiling hot weather, however, begins in July and continues in August. During these months it’s good to spend time by the swimming pool, eating slices of watermelon and drinking cool beverages. I’ve been lately loving iced coffee – it’s quick, tasty and the ingredients can be found in every household. Check the recipe below.

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